Lisa Marie’s Concert Like A Bad Episode Of Reality TV

Cindy Barrymore of The Chicago Tribune reviewed the and Chris Isaak concert at House of Blues in the Windy City the other night. Barrymore says The King’s daughter gave a performance that was “like watching a bad episode of reality TV. You’d think being married to and having Elvis for a dad, she might have lifted a few pointers on how to command the stage. But Lisa Marie is no American Idol. That shaky left leg thing she had going on seemed more like someone itching to use the john than a little girl borrowing Daddy’s signature move.”

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4 thoughts on “Lisa Marie’s Concert Like A Bad Episode Of Reality TV

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    “You’d think being married to Michael Jackson and having Elvis for a dad, she might have lifted a few pointers on how to command the stage.” Who ever said that she HAD to command the stage like her father Elvis and her ex-husband Michael Jackson? Yeah…of course she is no American Idol, she’s BETTER. What does American Idol have compared to legendary artists that have done more than just sing tunes on a microphone? C’mon, American Idol represents amatuer artists in waiting. Lisa Marie Presley was born to reign as her own artists, not as some “pop idol” like Britney Spears or some “diva” like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. I don’t think she ever really attended to even command the stage like her father…she just wants to express what she has to say and do the best she can with it on stage and off. Why should she try to do signature moves of her dads? That’s like asking Natalie Cole to just sing her dad’s signature tunes in every concert she would ever have. Lisa Marie has her own identity, and she deserves to have it.

  2. HoneyRain says:

    besides the comparisons to Michael Jackson and her father.. I agree with this. I’ve seen Lisa Marie perform and in my opinion.. she sucks. her voice wasn’t even halfway strong.. I didn’t like the music and her dancing is weird. I don’t think I could like anything that comes out of her mouth.

  3. ChicaXO says:

    Wow!~ Reading ‘Jazzperfomer’s post, you’d think that it was posted by LisaMarie herself!! J/k! I agree with you that LisaMarie has her own identity & shouldn’t always be compared to her dad, or her Xhusband.. even tho I personally think that she, being the daughter of Elvis or not, is NOT a great singer.. & I’m not so sure she would have a record deal if it wasn’t for the fact that she IS the daughter of the King himself… just a thought! ~XO

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    Hehehe, I also agree with your comment ChicaXo :). I believe her voice is very different. Sure, it’s not the greatest voice in the world, and maybe her dancing and performance on stage isn’t very good, but she’s still a very unique person.

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