Lisa Scott Lee Performs At Astoria And Touts ‘Idol’ Bro

was touting her brother Andy as Britain’s answer to star Justin Timberlake backstage from her performance at the G.A.Y. club at London’s Astoria on Saturday night. Andy, at the show, is one of the final 50 contestants on the new season of ‘Pop Idol’, and is dating from Liberty X, who also attended the former Steps star’s concert. “Anything Justin can do Andy can do as well, if not better. All his moves, the way he sings, he’s got great potential,” Lisa insisted. “He has a fantastic R&B voice and the best is yet to come. There’s no reason he can’t go on to win Pop Idol. I just hope people don’t think the reason he has got this far is because his big sister is in the business.”

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One thought on “Lisa Scott Lee Performs At Astoria And Touts ‘Idol’ Bro

  1. Stallion says:

    Cool a friendly competition. But Justin Timberlake is talented and he doesn’t have to be the best to be success.

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