Liz McClarnon Hopes To Release New Single Mid-November

Liz McClarnon checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lizmcclarnon) on Monday (August 17), talking about recently signing a record deal and running into Blue singer Anthony Costa at the Midlands music festival last week. The former Atomic Kitten star writes:

Err hello totally forgot the news…I know you already know but let’s just say it again… I’m Signed!! Did you see my pic on Twitter! It was such a funny day actually because I was working so hard and had to make my way to the Belta office to sign the deal… we had to rush it through so we were just doing it by scanning backwards and forwards… very surreal but done (they want to release the single very soon so we had to rush it) So the single will be out (hopefully) Mid November just depends on who else is out and if we can get the video done ASAP…. the meeting for that is next week and there have been some Brilliant suggestions as for what to do in it… Hey… here’s an idea… How about you make some too?? That’d be class… imagine if YOUR suggestion made it into the video!! Wow! So yeah…let me know.

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