Liz McClarnon Recovering From Emergency Operation

Liz McClarnon updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lizmcclarnon) on Saturday (March 28), revealing that she had been in the hospital for an emergency operation. The former writes:

I’m sorry, just a short one today to say I’ve not been too well. Had a short stay in hospital and an emergency operation (they suspected something bad but it turned out not to be that and was something easily sorted)…but don’t worry all is fine now and I’ve had lots of bed rest and TLC. I’ve watched everything on the Sky Plus Planner, slept for England and eaten my own body weight in Cheese…. (do not ask me why…) The flat is covered in flowers and all my friends and family have taken turns in looking after me (Mum obviously was head carer!)…. I thought about going home for a bit but I can’t brave a train (too jerky). If I’m honest once the spaced out feeling and pain wore off it was great… I get shouted at for trying to make a cup of tea now… ha ha… I wonder how long they’ll (mum and Rob) keep doing that…Ha ha…..

So yeah, apart from crying at the surgeon to not kill me mid op (it was my first time… I was scared!) and him looking at me like i was a wacko, my week wasn’t too adventurous!

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