Liz McClarnon Resolves To Get Healthy Again In 2009

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lizmcclarnon) on Wednesday (January 27), where the former star talked about how she celebrated Christmas, attending a Jaime Jay gig, and her busy plans for 2009. McClarnon tells readers:

Well what a lovely Christmas it was!
I went up north, ate far too much and had a merry old time!!
I got some serious prezzies too! Two handbags (thank you god) and much much more importantly A Power Plate!! Woooo…!! I am totally going to have abs!
(lets not put a time frame on that though hey!!) I want to try and be healthy! I’m not healthy anymore and I need to be… so I’m on a mission!!
The other day my very very very very good friend Jaime Jay had a gig which made 30 of her chums (obviously including me!!) crush themselves into an already packed club in Clapham to watch her perform!
It was so worth it!! That girl can shake her bum like no-one’s business!!! She was fabulous! We were so proud! Just to say she is waiting for VERY good news from the U.S. of A… that’s all I’m saying…

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