Liz McClarnon Turns 28, Sad That Jade Goody Didn’t

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lizmcclarnon) on Wednesday (April 8), talking about a busy week and getting ready for her 28th birthday Friday. The former ‘Atomic Kitten’ writes:

It’s nearly my birthday!!!!! Yay! I’m having a small get together in ours… it’ll be lovely! Mum comes tomorrow to help out and actually be here for my birfday (but my drinks are on sat) and everyone else will be here on sat… Ms Jaime Jay is coming earlier to make the deadly punch…ha!

So life is good and I’ll speak to you again when I’m 28!!! Ah!!!!!

The say 28 is a special year you know…. because it takes Saturn 28 years to revolve around the sun so it will be in exactly the same place as it was when you were born! And if something special happened to you in your first year here then something just as special will happen in your 28th year here! (I think I’m on for something good then y’know… because I got a blessing from the pope John-Paul 2nd when I was 6 weeks old!)

Ahhhh no… I’ve just thought of something so sad! Jade Goody didn’t get her 28th year! She was so young! God it’s awful… we were reading the papers on Sunday about the funeral and I have to say… I was crying… We should thank god for everyday…

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