Liz McClarnon’s Birthday Turns Messy

Liz McClarnon updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lizmcclarnon) on Wednesday (April 15), talking about how she celebrated her 28th birthday. The former Atomic Kitten writes:

I AM ANOTHER YEAR OLDER! :-)…….. :-(……not sure how I feel about that yet! We had a little family and friends do here at the flat (I say flat but it’s huge enough to have a party! And it’s not very FLAT! he..) it was hmm…MESSY! It was meant to be a quiet little thing to quietly celebrate me being 28 but when my other half decided it was time for a “Photo slideshow” of my life sneakily getting VERY dodge pics from my mum of me through the years…. I said “Sod it pass me the Tequila! Things can only get better from the way I used to look!” That’s when it went wrong!! My best chum…. who will remain nameless…. *cough* Jaime *cough*…. decided at 2 am she should hop on the tube to Essex! And left most of her worldly possessions here at ours! Div! All my family think she’s a stunner though so that’s good! We were making Candy floss at 3 am…. blowing out candles at 4 am and kicking people out the door at 5am (with some of our furniture!!! ha ha)….. so basically it was a completely brilliant night!!! Bit of advice though…. NEVER make promises when you’re drunk…. I had 7 people round for Easter Sunday (late) lunch the next day… ooooooo!

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