Lohan In Diva Tirade Against Biel’s Assistant

The New York Post reports Lindsay Lohan caused a scene at the GQ Men of the Year dinner at the Sunset Tower on Wednesday night (November 29), after noticing Jessica Biel was in attendance with her assistant, a woman who quit working for Lohan several months ago. A source said Lohan fumed, “If she stays, I’m outta here! I can’t look at that girl! I can’t believe you would allow an assistant in here – she doesn’t belong in here!” The source added, “It was really uncalled for. Jessica and everyone else ignored her.” While Lohan’s rep argued, “This does not sound like Lindsay,” Biel’s pal remarked, “Jess didn’t steal anyone’s assistant – her assistant stopped working for Lindsay a long time ago. And whatever drama happened, Jess was no part of it. She is not part of [Lohan’s] crowd – she is a professional.”

The full story at NYPost.com has since been removed.

Update: After The New York Post reported that Lindsay Lohan threw a tantrum at the GQ Men of the Year Awards on Wednesday night because Jessica Biel’s assistant used to work for her, and that she necked with Johnny Knoxville, ‘Countdown’ host Keith Olbermann, who was also in attendance, stood up for the 20-year-old. “I was at that dinner, seated back to back with Knoxville’s group,” Olbermann, who has been victim of several Page Six negative items, reported. “I was there the whole time. Not only did none of that happen, but no one suggested anything like it happened. When they went out to the balcony for a smoke, it was the first time most of us realized she was there. Sometimes they deserve the grief they get, but some of it is just made up.”

Lindsay Lohan In AA?

A Los Angeles source tells The New York Post reports that they saw Lindsay Lohan on Wednesday (November 29) at a 7:30 a.m. attending an AA meeting near her apartment in the Sierra Towers. “She has attended several meetings and has hopefully decided to turn her life around – this time for good,” a friend of the actress revealed. “She is out of control.”

The full story at NYPost.com has since been removed.

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