Lolene Takes Her Time On “Spiky And Different” Debut LP

The Dead Hub caught up with in a Q&A, asking the ‘Sexy People’ singer about the song being part of Victoria Secret’s latest campaign, life in Los Angeles, labeling herself “awkward pop”, the Disco Vagina, tour plans, and how her ‘Electrick Hotel’ album is shaping up. On the latter topic, Lolene responded:

Amazing! I am absolutely amazed. I took my time because I didn’t want to just throw something out there! I wanted every song to be as amazing as it could be, especially when it came to writing the songs and selecting the best ones to put on the album. It is a very eclectic album, all pop. It’s awkward pop that’s spiky and different. There is a lot of lyrical content. I don’t feel like everyone hears my voice on ‘Sexy People’, but the other songs I am singing a lot. There are many levels to what I am saying; each song is a different room (thus ‘Electrick Hotel’). It’s all done, but we are mixing it right now!

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