London Singer Exposes Sandi Thom Webcasting Fraud

London singer/songwriter Rachel Fuller is blowing the lid off the Sandi Thom basement webcasting fraud, revealing that even the idea behind the scheme which landed Thom headlines around the world, a pair of major label deals, and news that her re-released single is set to jump to #1 in the UK singles chart, was ripped off from her. “In of 2005, I started doing my live webcast ‘IN THE ATTIC’ from our studio in Twickenham in an attempt to find an audience for my work,” Fuller writes in a posting on Monday (May 22). “In December of 2005, I hosted a live music webcast called ‘BASEMENT JAM’ from the basement of the studio. In January of 2006, a DVD show reel of ‘IN THE ATTIC’ was given to a TV packager. Who happened to be working with Sandi Thom, an artist who had already recorded an album and had a publishing deal. The story broke about ‘this girl doing webcasts from her basement to hundreds of thousands of people’… Strange coincidence. From horses mouths, I have heard the following things: ‘All the figures were made up’, ‘It was a PR stunt’, ‘It was all lies!’ To purchase bandwidth for 500 live streams costs at least $55,000 a year.” Fuller has since removed the posting at

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