Look Inside Paris Hilton’s Closets

Paris Hilton shoe room

takes MySpace into her three closets for ‘The Fit’. The heiress first showed off her shoe closet, talking about where she wore some of the high heels. Next she took the cameras inside her jewelry closet, and ending with the gigantic clothing closet. Hilton also offered an exclusive look at her clothing, shoe, tights, sunglasses, and dog clothing lines.

Stepping inside her shoe “closet”, a large room that contained hundreds of pairs of shoes, Hilton said, “As you can tell, I really, really love shoes. I think all girls do but I have an obsession with them.”

Paris Hilton and her sunglassesBut it wasn’t all about loading up on fashion for herself. “A lot of the time I give a lot of stuff away for charity,” the heiress explained, “because I have so many things and I get a lot of things sent to me, and I have way too much and it’s really great just to give it to a charity, an auction, and they can auction it off and make money for different charities such as Interface, which is a charity I’m involved in where they help people all around the world, also with breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS.”

Talking about her own look, the blonde beauty said, “My style changes all the time. I never really pick one look. I think every year I just grow differently in the way I dress. A lot this year I’ve been wearing a lot of couture. I love Ungaro and Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace, so I’ve been wearing a lot of those dresses lately.”

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