Loos Tells Posh To Dump Love Cheat David Beckham

Former Spice Girl is being urged by Rebecca Loos to dump hubby David. “Everybody knows how David cheated on Victoria with me. Any self-respecting woman would leave him,” Loos told News of the World. “But the Victoria I saw when I worked for them will hang on in there. I’m certain it will collapse in the end though. She can’t be happy. If it was me I’d have left him ages ago. I think any woman would have. And Victoria will too in the end, I’m sure.”

Posh Hires Pop

The father of former Spice Girl is going to give up running his own business so he can work for his daughter full-time, The Mirror is reporting. The move is part of Posh and husband David’s growing “keep it in the family” policy. “Victoria only wants people around she can trust – and who could be better than her own dad,” a source close to the Beckhams revealed. “Tony’s main role will be that of a glorified gofer. He’ll also have a big role in running their homes.”

Posh’s Fashion Plans

After solo music failures, former Spice Girl is planning to pursue a full-time career in fashion. The Mirror reports that Posh is involved in than three high-profile fashion projects and is flying around the world to drum up publicity for her new career. A source close to Posh said: “To say Victoria’s had a tough few months is an understatement … but she’s very business-minded and is determined that her latest venture will work.”

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10 thoughts on “Loos Tells Posh To Dump Love Cheat David Beckham

  1. clayfan says:

    Why does she bother? She has crap taste in clothes, so who would want to’, ‘wear her “designs”? What she does have is two healthy children and one on the way. She doesn’t need the money, so why doesn’t she try her hand at being a full-time MOTHER?

  2. Fire_N_Ice says:

    Agreed…..but if she looses her edge over…’, ‘Becks, she will lose control too! Can you really see her as a *housewife*…pu-lease…she’d break a nail. She has had oodles of support from her husband with her career, even at the determent to his career. Why can’t she take a backseat for a little while and give HIM the same courtesy? = selfish IMO. Everyone has a talent for something, she just has to find hers! LOL

  3. kooky777 says:

    Aww, nice to see her doing something she loves rather than just bringing out singles that don’t do so good. but if she’s no longer a singer, why is she still on pop dirt?

  4. Andre says:

    Why do people judge Victoria???? She is doing want she loves?? If fashion is what she like than let her do it!!! Would you like to sit at home and do nothing!!!????? F***** off!

  5. Cabati says:

    What a dumb skank. Any self-respecting woman? How the hell would you know about self-respect when you knowingly sleep with a married man? Good God, people are stupid these days.

  6. fayefan says:

    LOL!!!! Rebecca such a homewrecking b*tch “Oh, like, I anal screwed your husband and I, like, need you to leave so me and David can, like, f**k more often. Oh yeah! LOL! I also need some serious money ‘cuz not only is Davey a good f**ker, he’s a cash-machine!!! Cha-CHING!!!” Shut the f**k up, Rebecca. You stupid wh0re.

  7. Justincaseyestwo says:

    This stupid b.i.t.c.h. needs to go throw herself off a cliff. How dare she talk about “self-respecting” women when she is nothing but a w.h.o.r.e. Does she really think that any woman in this world wants to hear what SHE has to say about ANYTHING. “Women” like this make me sick. Loos you need to go lose yourself and leave the rest of the world alone. Especially other womens’ husbands. What a PIG she is.

  8. Brinn says:

    No self-respecting woman would knowingly sleep with a married man. End of story. A self-respecting woman would do anything they could to save their children the anguish of a divorce.

  9. alm81 says:

    Yeah, Rebecca… You know ALL about being a “respectful” woman. LOL! Seriously, all she is is a gold digger looking for her 15 minutes of fame. Why does she have to bring Victoria into this. It’s so incredibly disrespectful, especially since Victoria is pregnant with her and David’s third child.

  10. BLUEGEMINI7 says:

    How dare she? She has some balls man. She needs to disappear. Yeah, he is an ass for doing what he did, but who is she to comment on the marriage she tried to screw up by going public w/ their affair? Sounds like she’s jealous and can’t get over it. She’s not gonna get him and Posh is not leaving him, at least not for now. Oh! An d she should never be talking about a “respectful woman” because she knows nothing about that. Shameful skank!

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