Lopez Lesbo In New Flick

MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls reports has a steamy lesbian makeout session with a female co-star in ‘Gigli’, which J.Lo stars with opposite Ben Affleck. Ben hasn’t yet worked with Lopez on the film but isn’t worried about her diva reputation. A source told Walls, “He watched a clip of her entertaining the troops overseas and was really blown away. He said he almost had a heart attack. Then he started doing a hilarious impersonation of Jennifer Lopez dancing, shaking his booty and all. He’s a big fan.”

J. Lo & Judd Get Matching Bentleys

December 7, 2001 – The Sun reports and husband Cris Judd did a bit of window-shopping in Mayfair, saw a Bentley in a showroom. After a brief argument over who would have the car, i they realized that they were so rich they could afford one each. They now own identical azure-colored Bentleys worth over $700,000.

J. Lo, Kid Rock, Ja Rule Set For USO Gig

December 4, 2001 – Get ready for a concert featuring Jennifer Lopez, Kid Rock, and Ja Rule as the three artists will perform for troops on an MTV New Years’ Day concert for The United Service Organizations. The show will be hosted by Carson Daly and will include not only a performance, but footage of the three mingling with soldiers, and servicemen and women.

Jennifer Lopez’s Friends Deny Marital Spat

December 4, 2001 – Bill Zwecker of The Chicago Sun Times reports a friend close to Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd is laughing off claims that the recently married couple are having problems. “Even at the wedding reception, people were joking about how long it would take before the tabloids would begin saying they were getting divorced!

“They are fine. They are two, passionate, intense people, who truly love each other. But what couple doesn’t have words with one another . . . and don’t go ‘at each other’s throat’ from time to time?”

J.Lo Wins Battle Of Divas

December 4, 2001 – MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls reports Jennifer Lopez secured 10 dressing rooms for her performance at BBC’s Top Of The Pops awards leaving with only two rooms. Mariah’s spokeswoman used the opportunity to take a dig at J.Lo saying, “Post September 11, as we’re all trying to get back to business, Mariah’s intention was to scale back production elements. She’s not interested in any diva behavior.”

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