Lori From ‘Real World 10’ Slams Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey

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From the 98 Degrees message board, Lori from the Real World 10 disses Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey: “What else has been going on. Let’s see, I didn’t think there was a way to hate Jessica Simpson anymore, and then she went ahead and proved me wrong. She and her damn hubby Nick have an MTV show coming out called Newlyweds where they invited the cameras in to witness their first months of marriage. Excuse me for second . Wow, sorry about that . Okay, Jessica Simpson ‘made it’ in the pop world, but forever stayed beneath Britney, Christina, and even little Mandy Moore. Nick was in 98 Degrees, below Backstreet Boys, below *NSYNC, and maybe even a few others. These two had… what? One hit each? No one really gives a flying @#%$ about them anymore, so they needed to keep themselves fresh by jumping onto the reality wagon and whoring out their MARRIAGE to their MTV viewing public. ‘You know, when you’re in love, you just want to scream it out on the mountain tops…’ and whatever the @#%$ else that skinny @#%$ said. Shut the @#%$ up. You are MAKING what should be sacred in your life, the MOST sacred thing in your life, and you are MAKING it entertainment, you are making a mockery of it. Yeah, I whored out my own 4 months of my life to cameras, but I will say it’s different.”

Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Spotted At Disneyland

June 23, 2003 – A fan on Jessica Simpson’s official site message board claims to have seen the singer with her 98 Degrees hubby Nick Lachey at Disneyland on Friday. JessandNick2gether4eva writes, “I looked and looked at Disneyland all-day Friday. Finally at the Fantasmic Spectacular Show, I spotted Nick & Jess! They were like 3 feet in front of me, and Nick had his arm around her. Then we saw the fireworks show. During the fireworks, Nick & Jess hugged, kissed, and he wrapped his arm around her. They were sooooo cute & soo in love!”

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