Lou Pearlman Agency Labeled A Scam

and Backstreet Boys brainchild Lou Pearlman has officially been labeled as a scam artist by the State of New York, who says his Wilhelmina Scouting Network doesn’t deliver on its promises to aspiring young models. “The scam involves ‘scouts’ going to shopping malls and bus terminals and telling kids or their parents that the youngster could be a model,” N.Y. State Consumer Protection Board spokesman Jon Sorenson explained. “They are then charged upwards of $2,000 for the privilege of having their photo on a Web site and e-mails telling them about auditions that are open to anyone.”

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5 thoughts on “Lou Pearlman Agency Labeled A Scam

  1. weebongo says:

    Lou Pearlman is so gross. He’s even more disgusting than Mariah’s ex husband and that was one damn nasty looking man.

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Forget about looks….they aren’t important! That’s pretty shallow if you DO put them above everything else! HOWEVER, I’ve gotta say DUH to the article! We’ve all known he was a scam artist since about 1999….when BSB first started REALLY lashing out! If we didn’t know this already, there’s something way wrong!

  3. Stallion says:

    I remember that time when Lou Pearlman trick to Backstreet Boys into thinking that they were talented but it was all done by studio magic. I guess that explains why the BSB are OVER!

  4. BFellow04 says:

    He’s always been a con artist. He screwed over BSB and N Sync. And now look his last “greatest creation” O-Town have pretty much broken up. Lou needs to be jailed

  5. Spanglish1538 says:

    Lou Pearlman is an idiot. He doesn’t deserve anything from what he’s done to NSync and Backstreet Boys and what he’s put them through. I don’t think he should ever try to sign a boyband again because he will just cheat them out of their money. He’s pretty pathetic if he tries to do the same crap again. I think Jive and the rest of the music industry should just drop him for good. Sneaky bastard that he is.

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