Lou Pearlman Hears Nick And Jessica’s Marriage Is ‘Shaky’

Lou Pearlman has jumped into the and Jessica Simpson marriage rumor fray. The pop manager, who represents Lachey’s friend and former 98 Degrees bandmate Jeff Timmons, claims he’s heard the couple are struggling. Pearlman told Star magazine, “Timmons says Nick told him, ‘My marriage is shaky right now. I’m hoping this trip will turn things around. This trip could be a second honeymoon – or preparation for a divorce. I don’t know what’s going to happen, and Jessica doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but we’re going to give it our best shot.'” Representatives for the couple deny the claims.

On His Best Behavior In Vegas

October 20, 2005 – Marc S. Malkin of ‘The Insider’ reports that was well behaved while in Las Vegas over the weekend for the ubid.com Hurricane Katrina relief auction, even though wife Jessica Simpson was hundreds of miles away at Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood with Lindsay Lohan. Though women swarmed him, he spent most of his time at the Empire ballroom event hanging with his brother and 98 Degrees bandmate Drew and AJ Discala. “There were girls all over Nick, but he was behaving himself,” a fellow party-goer reported. “After the auction, when we were all backstage waiting for our cars to go to Tao, AJ yelled something about going to a strip club, but Nick did not go with him.” Malkin also threw cold water on gossip that Nick was hitting on Jessica Biel, calling it “nothing more than friendly banter.”

One Reason Why Nick And Jessica Haven’t Announced Split

October 20, 2005 – One of the theories why Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are hiding their breakup? Media attention surrounding the speculation helps their careers. “Nick, Jessica and [her father Joe Simpson] were all conscious of the commercial heat the 9-month-long Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston breakup drama generated for their various projects,” a source tells Star magazine. “That’s something that goes to the heart of the Simpsons: They have a cynical approach to make a buck – whatever it takes! Joe has seen first-hand that a little speculation and innuendo go a long way to fuel the public’s interest. That’s why I doubt you’ll ever see him drag Nick and Jessica to couples counseling. I bet he thinks the tension in their marriage raises their profile.”

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5 thoughts on “Lou Pearlman Hears Nick And Jessica’s Marriage Is ‘Shaky’

  1. galleta says:

    If they had not publicized their marriage I bet they would have made it. Nick being a typical man probably can’t stand being upstaged by his wife. And Jess she always wanted fame probably is probably being a little snotty. Nick needs to take lessons from Mr. Madonna, he seems content to just sit back and let Madonna shine at least in the press.

  2. ficklefan says:

    I disagree……she upstages him all the time as well as her family. She has gotten a big head and she thinks that she is a big time star when in reality she isn’t. He can shine too, but every time, he starts to get opportunities, there’s always some negative press surrounding him to take the focus off of him, and back onto her. Wonder if Joe Simpson has a hand in this?

  3. cham says:

    My personal opinion is, is that their show wasn’t really solidified until she made that Tuna/Chicken comment. I think she saw how big of a deal it was, so she started playing the stupid role more often. It’s sad, but that’s EXACTLY what really launched her into super-stardom. Now I think her head is big. Nick to me seems like a catering husband, but can only cater so much. I don’t think he cares much about her fame, just the fact that she’s changed. Outsider perspective, but that’s what I see.

  4. Aphoto says:

    I have a word of advice for Joe, ever hear of Bennifer…. They played the same games you are and where are they now… trying to repair the damage, their little fiasco, did to their careers.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    It’s kind of obvious that Jessica’s rep (and dad) try very hard to keep Jessica’s and Nick’s profile and relationship as clean as possible. I think it’s kind of silly. For me I think the charm of Jess and Nick was that they seemed real, but with Joe always covering every flaw about them (even when his own flaws are just unacceptable and unnecessary), it just makes them look phony and too generic. They made their relationship open for the world to see. Just because people saw them as this cute couple on Newlyweds doesn’t mean that they’re the perfect couple, nor does it mean that they should always be represented that way. Obviously this family is very open to share their private life to the world, if they’re going to do that, they might as well be more real about it.

    I agree…but lets be real here, who actually cares about Guy Richie anyway? He has the opportunities, but the fact of the matter is that the press cares more about Madonna than him, regardless if his opportunities were good or not.

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