Louis Vuitton Dump Jennifer Lopez After Photo Shoot Freebies

The Sun has more details on not being re-upped by Louis Vuitton after causing chaos on one of their photo shoots, where she walked away with thousands of dollars in free merchandise. “There is an unwritten understanding that whenever someone does one of our shoots they can help themselves to a few things,” a source on the Paris set revealed. “These are pieces they have worn and really taken a shine to. But Jennifer totally went to town and pretty much emptied the studio. She got her entourage to bag up items worth thousands. She took shoes, dresses, bags – everything. An assistant went down the row of tables and loaded up duffle bags. Around ten minutes later everyone was standing around in shock when they got a call from Jennifer’s people – she’d forgotten a pair of socks.”

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5 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Dump Jennifer Lopez After Photo Shoot Freebies

  1. olivia1984 says:

    Wasn’t this posted earlier???? what a greedy bitch

  2. crunked says:

    What a bitch! can’t that gold-digging woman afford to buy those herself! well… I guess this is more proof to her greediness!!! stupid ass wench!

  3. rangergirl says:

    The way this is written she does come off greedy & selfish. Have you ever noticed that when she’s doing her music videos she is always with blacks or other minorities but when she does her movies she’s mostly w/ white guys? I guess this isn’t a coincidence? Seems she’s trying to appear down w/ the home boys and girls in the videos then trying to achieve crossover in her films. Just an observation.

  4. Stacee says:

    I bet her greedy ass took enough crap to bring Ethiopia out of poverty.

  5. YogiBear says:

    She should wear trash bags because she’s just garbage.

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