Louis Vuitton Willingly Gave Jennifer Lopez Goodies

Louis Vuitton head designer Marc Jacobs tells The New York Post reports that he loves and that all the goodies she took with her after the fall 2003 shoot was offered to her. “We gave her everything,” Jacobs insisted. “She was no diva – she was lovely and charming – I mean really, after we spent a fortune on those ads, how could we not offer her the clothes? Who wouldn’t want Jennifer Lopez walking around in their designs?”

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4 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Willingly Gave Jennifer Lopez Goodies

  1. crunked says:

    yea, I’m sure he said this right after J.Ho threatened to sue them after they published the article about her raiding on the products! lol

  2. culturalpoetics says:

    after gigli… they might want to consider a break from her for a while

  3. MistySl says:

    J Lo looks like she’s about to join the break-down crew’, ‘I’m not even gonna hate on this ho. Granted she can’t keep a man, she’s had 2 flop singles in 2003, and a flop Remix/DVD CD and her wedding was called off. Time to give her a break. I think the ad’s were classy and she looked great.

  4. Carrie says:

    There’s too much hating on J Lo. People have to chill. What’s she done wrong. Lately nothing. All wrong been done to her lately, by her man.

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