Louis Walsh’s Double Diva Diss

manager Louis Walsh has branded Kylie Minogue “talentless.” He told industry mag The Hit Sheet: “She’s the most overrated, talentless little girl in the world – apart from Britney Spears.”

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4 thoughts on “Louis Walsh’s Double Diva Diss

  1. musikluver says:

    What the heck is Westlife? And who is Louis Walsh? Another bitter Britney and Kylie wannabe…. that never will be.

  2. Jays says:

    Westlife for your info are the most talented boyband in the world who are in the Guinness book of records. They will get their 12th number 1 UK single on Sunday :) Louis Walsh is their stupid manager. But I would have to agree with him that Kylie Minogue is fake …along with Britney Spears. But still…they sound good. The finished product of their music is excellent. I don’t mind enhanced, computerized voices…as long as they don’t over do…like Holly Valance.

  3. hellahooked says:

    ^ Westlife is some gay British band, they suck ass. Anyways, yes and this is coming from Westlife’s manager? LOL hilarious.

  4. Angel_Jtfan says:

    He’s right about Kylie.. I don’t see whats so great about her. Britney… she has some talent.. her new CD is awesome

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