Louise Redknapp Discusses Size Zero Documentary

has spoken about doing some extreme dieting for her new documentary ‘The Truth About Size Zero’, coming to ITV1 soon. “I was only allowed to diet for 30 days because that is the maximum time that it is safe to follow such a strict diet,” the singer explained. “But towards the end I remember thinking, ‘It’s kind of nice to feel your jeans loosening.’ Oh my God, it felt pretty good. It was the first time I could wear skinny jeans and flat shoes and not feel fat. At that point I actually liked my body better, which is frightening. But my face and neck looked gaunt and, anyway, I couldn’t have maintained it. I felt like crap. But it just shows how addictive it can be and I can see why people find it appealing to be that size. That was quite scary and something I wasn’t prepared for.” Read more.

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