Jennifer Love Hewitt Would Love To Duet With Usher Or Timberlake

Fred Topel of spoke with about her new movie ‘Garfield: The Movie’ and also asked who she would love to sing a duet with. “Gosh. Wow. Probably, I would love to do something with Usher, I think that would be really, really cool,” Love Hewitt responded. “I would love that. Justin Timberlake would be really cool, that would be so fun. I mean, I would love, love to get to sing a song with Bonnie Raitt. I think that would be really interesting.”

Love Hewitt’s Sitcom May Get Picked Up Mid-Season

June 7, 2004 – Although the starring sitcom ‘In the Game’, which co-stars Ed O’Neill of ‘Married With Children’ fame, was previously pronounced dead, it apparently got a new lease on life last week when ABC confirmed it was considering the show as a midseason replacement for next winter. According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC bigs felt so bad that the actress/singer had been relegated to the D-List for the ‘American Idol’ finale they took another look at the show.

Jennifer Love Hewitt On The Cover Of Vegas Magazine

May 31, 2004 – Jennifer Love Hewitt is on the cover of Vegas magazine, promoting her new film ‘Garfield: The Movie’. “I mean, it’s really simple,” she says of the film’s story. “It’s a family movie. Adults will like it. Kids might not know who Garfield is but they’ll want to see it because he’s animated and cute and funny.”

Details at have since been removed.

Nick, Jessica, And J-Love TV Pilots Don’t Make The Cut

May 19, 2004 – E! Online reports that among the high-profile pilots that didn’t make the cut for ABC’s new fall TV schedule were ‘Hot Momma’, a sitcom starring of 98 Degrees; an untitled sitcom featuring Lachey’s wife and reality costar, Jessica Simpson; and a comedy starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as a single mom.

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One thought on “Jennifer Love Hewitt Would Love To Duet With Usher Or Timberlake

  1. JSimpCritic says:

    Yes! There is some sanity in the TV world after all. Jess & Nicks’ shows would have been disastrous for ABC that “Super Millionaire” wouldn’t be able to save that network. The JSimpCritic “Jessica Simpson’s Worst Nightmare is BACK!”

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