Luciana Caporaso Bored With Albums

Richard Vission & Static Revenger Starring Luciana

Caporaso spoke with Boston’s Edge magazine in a Q&A, where she talked about how her career has been non-stop since moving to America, the new single ‘I’m Still Hot’, feeling she’s “a gay man trapped in a woman’s body”, how she finds time to get in the studio, her “Isha CoCo” alter ego, and a possible collaboration with Cazwell. “It’s really funny because I don’t want to put an album out,” she said about new material. “I get really bored with albums, ie. 12 songs. I’m thinking like putting 6 songs out, an EP. And then once that happens, put out another 6 songs. That’s the plan anyway.”

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One thought on “Luciana Caporaso Bored With Albums

  1. LUCI ANA says:

    I am student in morogoro Tanzania
    and my parent her work in ttobaco industry in morogoro
    i’m a second born in our family ,my sister her called Rose&my brother his Paul

    my tarrent is music & ilike to study music production

    in Tanzania flevour
    music ilike Linah,Banaba,Shaa &Gnako in weusi
    4 another count ilike Rihana ,Alicia keys ,chriss martin&luci ana

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