Luciana Caporaso Still Trying To Write For Kylie Minogue

Caporaso checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucianacaporaso) on Thursday (October 22), discussing what she’s been up to. The English singer, frequently featured on vocals for DJs, tells readers:

After the excitement of the States, have been gigging around Europe again waiting to see what happens with ‘I Like That’ over here.
Have just heard that David Vendetta will be releasing a track I did with him as the second single on his album and will be going to Paris for the video..
Following up all our leads from the states including writing with Tribe called Quest which as you can imagine is all very exciting. Still trying to write for Kylie, forever in hope that she’s going to like the stuff I have done for her..Come on Kylie, You Know you wanna sing my song!!!!

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