Lucky Fan Meets Britney Spears Shopping In Portland

Contributed by hellahooked:

According to, a girl named Kristi met in Portland. Kristi wrote, “I met Britney Spears in Portland today! I was walking down 23rd (like Robson in Vancouver!) and my friend Melissa and I saw her in this make-up store. I was literally standing like an inch away from her at the cash register (she was buying some perfume oils or something). Then, Melissa and I went back to the store that she works at (Girlfriend), and Britney came in there with her personal assistant! It was crazy So, we talked to her for a bit.” Kristi also talks about Britney buying underwear “She bought a bra (size SMALL!) and an underwear set. Haha, jealous boys? Melissa and I now know what kind of undies she wears!).”

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