Lucy Walsh Joins Ry Cuming On Tour

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucywalsh) on Saturday (July 17), talking about her opportunity to go on tour as a keyboardist and backup singer for Ry Cuming, who is touring with Maroon 5. The daughter of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh writes:

I have taken on a ridiculously fun side project…playing keys/singing with musician RY CUMING! and guess what…we’re going on tour with throughout the next months! Good times ahead my friends, and you will be there for it all. Of course I am recording my own album at the same time, so I have absolutely every moment accounted for these days.

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One thought on “Lucy Walsh Joins Ry Cuming On Tour

  1. larry says:

    Lucy should be getting her own shot rather than being in Ry Cuming’s band. you almost wonder if she’s getting penalized because of the I’m only here because of my dad perception

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