Lucy Woodward Writes About Her Visit To Kenya And Rwanda

documented her July visit to Kenya and Rwanda on her blog at MySpace (@lucywoodward) on Monday ( 8). The New York City based singer songwriter tells readers:

There were two words that were said to me on my second to last day in Kenya. Two words that let me breathe a little deeper and let me sit a little more peacefully. Two words that we don’t hear strung together as a simple farewell much in the States. They were ‘Go well’. I don’t know why they moved me so much but they did. Maybe because you can tailor it to however you are feeling in that moment. Or it might make you think about what you really want to take with you into the next moment. Almost like a ‘god bless you’ but without the possible connection of something bigger attached to it. It’s a small moment – one notch up from a ‘have a nice day’, a more soulful, a less casual, a less vague ‘have a nice day’. It made me think about how I want to ‘Go well’. And usually, it’s an instantaneous decision on what the meaning of it is. Like it’s been there all along, ready for me to acknowledge it so I can stick it in my back pocket before I move forward.

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