Luis Fonsi Honored To Sing With Christina Aguilera

Luis Fonsi 'Eterno'

Laura Emerick of the Chicago Sun Times spoke with Luis Fonsi for his thoughts on performing with and Pope John II within the space of six months. Fonsi responded, “I’ve been very blessed to share my music with different artists. It was very special to sing before 2-1/2 million people in Rome, to feel so comfortable and at peace, very spiritual. I’ll never forget it. As for Christina [who asked him to duet on ‘Si No Te Hubiera Conocido’ for ‘Mi Reflejo’], a lot of Latin artists were dying to sing with her, so it was definitely a honor. We recorded in the studio at the same time. We just got in there, and it was kind of like a conversation.”

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One thought on “Luis Fonsi Honored To Sing With Christina Aguilera

  1. EndIsNear says:

    I didn’t know Fonsi was so high in the Latin chart, I’m happy because he’s a Fatone friend and he has a very good voice.

    Maybe this will help Joey to survive the Timberlake devastation.

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