Luis Miguel Spotted With Sofia Vergara

The New York Daily News reports Luis Miguel was spotted in Mexico with actress and ex-girlfriend Sofia Vergara (the Daily News misspelled her first AND last name!), leading most to assume his brief reunion with may be kaput.

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2 thoughts on “Luis Miguel Spotted With Sofia Vergara

  1. Texhalfbreed says:

    They did more than spell the name wrong. I don’t think that Mariah’s ex is Sofia Vergara. But at least that’s one rumor the media has not tried to print. I don’t think that Mariah was seen in Mexico with her either. But what else is new when it comes to news about Mariah. Maybe I’m as paranoid as Mariah but some of the media is so set in getting anything out on Mariah that they can’t get any of it right. This is something that her fans have realized long ago but thank goodness SOME of the news media has began to realize that all that is said is almost always not even close to being right. Such as the fact the LM & MC were probably never together since Mariah has a manger named Louise the media as it always does assumed this was Luis. Since their was never any pictures of the two together to back the media (which I can’t believe no news source could be kept from) if they were together. Since it was so widely reported LM was with Sofia in Miami, (with pics to prove it ) then Mariah in Aspen, (no pics) and now Sofia again leads me to believe that once again the media is KAPUT in what they truly know to be truth or fiction. But hey whatever sales hugh?

  2. oso says:

    Luis and Sofia are friend since 1993.

    She´s a Jaime Camil girlfriend, and he´s a Luis´s best friend.

    Jaime live in Acapulco and Miami.

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