Luis Opens Up About Mariah Breakup

According to a posting on Mariah Carey’s official site message board, her former lover Luis Miguel opened up about his feelings following the bust-up of his romance with Mariah Carey. Luis told an interviewer, “I learn not to give myself over completely to someone when I’m in love? But I can’t help the way I am. I live my life, I love, completely, totally, and with deep passion. That;s the way I am and I can’t change. And it hurts when you give your complete love and trust to someone, and then find that it’s not always returned… It is a painful experience, but I can put those feelings into my music, into the music that I make for my public (my fans).”

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2 thoughts on “Luis Opens Up About Mariah Breakup

  1. Mary Lembi says:

    Luis Miguel, has a big problem, he really doesn’t trust women, only himself, he is
    a sex addict, and a men who honest to God, id really a lost person, he was married
    once to mexican actress Aracely Arabula, and he now has 3 kids, his grown daughter
    Michell, which he never married her mother Stephany Salas, and 2 son’s from Aracely,
    that man, only likes women he can use, and he will never settle down, he loves to
    make love with women he can control, then when they find out how he really is, They
    become like him, or just walk out of his life! He is going to die one day alone!

  2. Mary Lembi says:

    There needs to be a lot of Prayer to Jesus Christ, for his salvation, God forbid,
    if he was to die tonight he would go straight to hell, You can’t be saved, and
    make love to women,all the time, it is a sin against God, a true christian make’s Jesus Christ
    his everything, But Luis Miguel, feel’ love this way, he has no other way to express
    himself, His life has been one disaster after another! He is very intense and his
    cocaine use which he has been on since he was 11 yrs. hasn’t help him, he also is a
    hard drinker, he looks that least 57 yrs now, he getting up there to much wrong thinking! He has to be willing to change! He leads a very hard life!

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