Luke Bullen Proposed To KT Tunstall On Christmas Day, She Said Yes

KT Tunstall talks about getting a Christmas Day marriage proposal from Luke Bullen

has revealed that she is set to marry her band’s drummer Luke Bullen after he proposed on Christmas Day.

“So 11 o’clock on Christmas morning, the doorbell goes and I’m all worried it’s the paps wanting a shot of ‘KT’s hand-knitted Christmas day outfit with matching headband and slippers’ (I’m joking), and it’s Luke, suited and booted. With all his bags. And a little box. Wrapped with a ribbon,” Tunstall wrote on her official web site’s diary on Thursday (January 10). “He PROPOSED!!! AAAAAAAAARRR!! He’d been to see my folks a month before to ask their permission, so everyone knew – I’m slightly worried at how good they are at acting now! Being an opportunist, I obviously said yes, and we’re gonna do the deed way up in the wild north before the end of the year. It feels smashing. I never thought it would make me feel so good. I’m tempted to be really sad and post a pic of my ring – it’s gorgeous! Keep an eye out for a little sparkle as I’m playing those chords…”

Watch a report from ITN below.

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