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Contributed by perfectly-imperfect:

The Lycos 50 has an interesting article on which celebs get the most searches for their pictures. Unsurprisingly, Britney tops the list. What is surprising is the list of celebrities for whom the highest percentage of searches are for pictures. Britney is the last on the list, with only 21% of her searches relating to pictures. Both Justin and Christina (36%) have a larger percentage of picture searches.

This amuses me because many people like to downplay every aspect of Britney’s career- including her popularity. They say the usual, like “she’s only so high on those lists because of horny men using her pictures to masturbate with”, etc. Once again, this disperses such pitiful ‘theories’, as clearly, 79% of her searches are for things NOT relating to pictures (lyrics, music, TV show appearances, etc). Someone has been proved wrong again.

The full list(s) have since been removed.

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7 thoughts on “Lycos Ranks Picture Searches

  1. perfectly-imperfect says:

    The title is supposed to say Picture, but I’m guessing you’ve all figured that. Now, eat your words.

  2. Crombiedood17 says:

    Wow some people need to get lives. =)

  3. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Then get one.. I already have mine. Do you say this to everyone who posts an article?

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    OMG….this doesn’t PROVE anything! Her life and everything she does is a joke! People like me get amused by what she’s doing and how her and her fans are justifying it. The stuff she says…the way she lives…it’s quite disgusting. I use it in my fight…simple as that! Her career IS based on her looks, and you can bet that most of the articles and stuff come with pics! Like I said, you’ve PROVEN nothing…..get over yourself! WE are the ones who are right!

  5. justhadtocomment says:

    Just to let everyone know, these percents are based on searches with the word ‘picture’ or ‘pic’ in them. Which means: ‘Naked Britney Pics’ would be counted but ‘Britney naked’ wouldn’t. This doesn’t really prove how many people are searching for Britney naked. Only how many actually type the word pic or picture in it. Which if you look at past analysis’ of Britney’s searches it will show that more people type ‘Britney naked’ or ‘Britney nude’ than ‘naked Britney pic’. Besides this is just Lycos. There are tons of search engines out there. I believe Google is the most used one. So, these percents cannot be used to determine how many people search for naked Britney pictures. Not that it even matters how many really.

  6. EveryoneSucks says:

    The only reason people would search for her lyrics is so they could make parodies of them. same thing with tour dates, so they could bring garbage with them and throw it at her.

  7. FireorIce says:

    Once again you trying to prove to people here that her fan base doesn’t consist of young teen girls and horny men. Well hon, let use common sense shall we. Her pics are old, so what is left. Oh that’s right she has been doing a lot TV, so of course her fans are going to find info. As for Christina and Justin. I don’t know about Justin because I’m not a fan. Mostly girls are downloading his pics for all I care. But Christina is on tour and she hasn’t been in the US media for a while, so most of the pics are of her tour. Just look at most of the topics on this site mostly pics of her performances. Come up with a better theory hon.

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