Lynda Sayyah Discusses Parents, Divorce, Favorite Artists

Lynda Sayyah

Lynda Sayyah spoke with Global Grind in a Q&A, where the Indianapolis-based singer talked about and being her favorite artists growing up, her Palestinian father being a really strict Muslim, not haven spoken to her dad in six years, being bankrupt after getting a divorce three year ago, songs she’s written about the strained relationship, ending her marriage after his anger issues, and plans for 2012.

“I still talk to my mom and she told me, even a couple of weeks ago, that cousins from Lebanon are like, ‘Oh, we see Linda doing this and that. She’s wearing this and that. How do you let her do that?’ At some point I wish my dad would be like, ‘Talk about your own kids. Stop talking about my kids’,” Lynda said about her parents.

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