Lynne Spears Under Scrutiny As Her Two Daughters Implode

The Associated Press profiled the scrutiny Britney Spears’ mother Lynne is facing now that her youngest daughter Jamie Lynn, 16, announced she’s pregnant in a paid interview with OK! magazine. “To have a woman preparing to write a book about how to raise daughters when her own two daughters are imploding reeks of incredible denial and a lack of self-awareness,” Us Weekly editor Janice Min said. Janet Chan, editor-in-chief of Parenting magazine, added, “This is such a strong case for why you should be a parent and not a friend. A friend can teach your kid to make farting noises. A parent makes the rules, sets a role model. I think it’s the No. 1 parenting issue today. Too often parents feel guilty about working too many hours, or want their kids to have things they didn’t have, and they err in thinking they should be friends rather than parents.”

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