Lynne Weighs In As Britney Spears Goes ‘In The Zone’

Britney Spears’ mother Lynne posted a new message on the singer’s official website on Friday. She writes, “Britney hardly has time to breathe anymore. She is in full swing with the album coming out in November. Her first song hits the radio stations soon and we are all so excited for her. They are not really sure how the first video will be shot yet, but Brit and are working on some ideas. I haven’t heard the whole album yet, but I already know which song I like the best. It is one of the ballads she wrote when she was away in Europe. It is so beautiful, I cry when I hear it. But the album in general is really more upbeat. She wants people to have a good, positive feeling from listening to her music.”

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3 thoughts on “Lynne Weighs In As Britney Spears Goes ‘In The Zone’

  1. Julie816 says:

    I can’t wait to hear her ballads. I am a sap for ballads. I cry when I listen to many ballads.

  2. hellahooked says:

    I don’t really like ballads there boring so I am really happy that this album is really more upbeat. Can’t wait for it to hit the radios, make a video and her CD to be released!

  3. perfectly-imperfect says:

    I’m guessing the ballad is “Everytime”, I can’t wait to hear it. I’m overwhelmed with all this album news! Can’t wait till Nov.!

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