Lynne’s Corner Update With Message From Britney Too

Lynne Spears posted a new ‘Lynne’s Corner’ on Friday which wrapped up with a message from herself. Lynn wrote, “Britney has also been laying in the sun and doing some shopping this past week. She just got back from a quick getaway in southern California. She wanted to take a few days because some of the paparazzi seem to be getting more and more aggressive. (Funny though, they seem to be steering at least 3 feet clear of me!)” Britney concluded, “Hey ya’ll, I just wanted to thank you for the well wishes & prayers with my knee and for the congratulations on my personal life. Your message board postings were very sweet. This is the happiest time for me and thank you for your never ending support and love. I’ve always believed I have the greatest fans in the world and you keep on proving me right!”

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