M2M’s Marion Raven Offered A New Record Deal

Contributed by Zeph:

Marion Raven (formerly of M2M) has been offered a new record deal with Atlantic. Her official site marion-raven.com reports:
“Marion is on the front cover of Norway’s biggest newspaper, VG today. It says that she has been offered a million dollar contract with Atlantic records in the U.S. They want Marion as a solo artist, and is planning a new album release within 9 months. She will be a worlwide priority.”

Thomas Erdtman, Marion’s Manager said this about the contract offering:
“Atlantic wants to make Marion the biggest female artist after Shania Twain.”

In other words, they want to exploit Marion for money like she’s a Britney.
The execs at Atlantic purposely caused the failure and the coming break up of so they could make money off Marion and her looks. It is not known if Marion has taken the contract. But their is no doubt she will.

Their has been no record contracts offered up to Marit Larsen, the other half of M2M. At this moment www.maritlarsen.com is down. If this is not just a coincidence, it is a bad sign. The way Marit has been burned by Atlantic and Marion is unacceptable.

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  1. Elijah Young says:

    I would like to have this deal

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