Macaulay Culkin Breaks Silence Regarding Michael Jackson

Macaulay Culkin broke years of silence and discussed his friendship with on Thursday night on ‘Larry King Live. “I wasn’t one of his fans,” Culkin told King. “I think that’s one of the reasons we connected. I called him a jerk all the time. I called him a fathead and he gets it.” As for the molestation allegations and what happened when he was at Neverland? “That’s what’s so weird,” Culkin responded. “Nothing happened. Really. We played video games.” Check out an entire transcript here.

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27 thoughts on “Macaulay Culkin Breaks Silence Regarding Michael Jackson

  1. beyonce says:

    Macaualay Culkin I hate you go to hell

  2. MARICA says:


  3. alison says:

    Why is he going to rot in hell? For speaking out?

  4. Riph says:

    rot in hell? wot? =S

  5. Nadia says:

    Why will he rot in hell? I Love him, and I love Michael, as does Culkin. He’s defending Michael, that’s a good thing!

  6. Crsitina says:

    The fact that he and Wade Robson continued being friends with Michael once they grew up and that they insisted and testified that he didn’t molest them is one of the main reasons I think Michael was innocent.

  7. Diana says:

    I wonder if Michael was a woman if he/she would have also been accused of child molestation? Society is much kinder and permissive when it comes to women raising children or simply having children around.I know I had so many sleep overs of kids in my 20’s when I didn’t have children of my own. Pajama parties were mandatory and the most fun. Especially staying up late with a bunch of kids and watching movies. We would crash out one by one on our sleeping bags or air mattresses. So why,oh why was it so hard to accept that a man can also be a great friend to children???
    God bless Michael.

  8. Georgia says:

    I think it’s great that Mac and Michael could just be friends! Imagine being as famous as Mike and having no one that wasn’t a huge fan around you all the time. The fact that Mike was so comfortable around Mac is truly touching. They were best friends, clearly and I think it’s beautiful that Michael was friends with children. I think that’s what the world needs – more love with people of all ages. Michael is INNOCENT! Period. His love is legendary. I LOVE you Michael!

  9. Mike Aawk says:

    Macaulay Culkin forgot to mention the reason he went over to Jackson’s house was because he got free prostate exams from Jackson on a weekly bases. In which would turn into a puppet show.

  10. MJ's fan for life and after. says:

    Michael got a raw deal. Even the folks who know he got a raw deal can’t give him the respect he deserved then and now. I’ll never get over the way he was treated. It’s amazing he lived through that horror. He did have bounce but by the time he was to take his place on stage again, he was so wounded he couldn’t do it drug free. Sorry all his so called ” celeb fans” couldn’t have shown their support for him when he needed them.

  11. Leesa says:

    Why are the immature ones allowed to post comments that show their ignorance (he can rot in hell) wow that’s on topic. Mac and Michael were true pals no celeb BS just pals too bad haters can’t handle it. Michael will always be above and beyond and now untouchable by the ignorants of media and society.

  12. Angel eyes says:

    I agree with Leesa, I think there’s a lot of haters out there. The very fact that Michael’s case was thrown out the window proves that he isn’t as sinister as everybody makes out. As far as Macauly Culkin goes, he is a grown up now if anything was going on I’m sure he would be singing like a canary for money or publicity, the fact that he sticks by Michael even now makes me adore and respect Michael a hell of a lot more. I have always believed he is innocent, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, just don’t impose them on others to much.

  13. Angel eyes says:

    Oh and Beyonce and Marica, yous don’t have the right to tell anyone they will rot in hell, get a clue, the pair of you.

  14. maureen says:

    People get a grip. Michael had to sleep with his brothers and nowadays people don’t do that,they say it is wrong.its hard to be taught something back then and know if you can still do it now.laws have chanced alot. In Hollywood there are all kinds of weird people, not just pick on Michael. I don’t think he did that to the kids, I think his father played a big roll in his behaving this way. I love you Michael and hope you aren’t dead. Love you more.

  15. maureen says:

    just because someone lives alone and has kids and parents over there home they become a weirdo.they said Michael had adult in there with them. He got acquitted people. Why don’t you worry about the man had that girl for 18 years. That kind of people we should be worry about not Michael. If isn’t his face then that and then why the kids that way. Young girls are having kids they shouldn’t. Doesn’t matter how he does it, that’s his business people. You put your self in his shoes with dad beating you,and performing since 5 years, Hollywood everyone hooks on drugs sometimes, then you hate dad, so chance your face and see how people feel, he’s done a lot for us and hes songs are good compare of the rock n roll ones that tell kids about drugs. Every star has a problem and they need to fix it like we do. Talk shows are bad,news is getting there because they lie. Papers lie. Modeling shows kids they need to be skinny to make it. My kid has been there. We need to get these things turned around and make better shows and get hard rock off, more of Michael’s music around. Think about it are world is going to hell and love are neighbor more. It doesn’t matter what color were all one.

  16. maureen says:

    we all need to come together and be our kids understand that life isn’t fare.we don’t want our kids name in the papers,and it being a tells all lies so they can get big money. Our kids may want to go to Hollywood and be a star,we need to help them.i feel Michael did with his music and also helped a lot of hungry kids. I think for someone to go through life as hard as he had it hes done well. Lady right on here if a women has kids over that’s ok. That’s not right, because we have friends is a man and they all have kids over and his a good dad. Need not to listen to the media, read national enquirer or any papers,they lie about everything to make their money.

  17. Deanna says:

    No profanities?You write crap like these allegations and expect us to toe the line? That man was NEVER guilty, did you not hear that Jordan Chandler came forward, and gosh darn, you can’t blame MJ for that, but he cleared MJ, so why is this still happening? Have you people no conscience, no respect, not even for the dead? That man was put through far, far more hell on earth then anyone should have to endure, and all because of greed, and selfish, lying, and totally being broken, have any of you for one minute thought he might be innocent, I always believed he was innocent, and I have never met the man. Think about all the weird things he has been accused of over the years, when you put it all together, ie; the chamber which was really MJ’s idea of a joke for the media, as was the Elephant Man’s bones, but with all the cartoons, and his childhood nature and his fantasy world ideas, does that really sound like a pedophile to you? Because it doesn’t to me, and in case you are wondering, I do know first hand! Michael Jackson was all love, inside and out, even rehearsing he was always soft spoken, and always patient, you guys will say anything to ruin a person’s life, ie; MJ’s, and still you hound him, and his kids, children who you claim to be for, no you are not, you are not for anyone but yourselves. Were none of you reporters raised to respect the dead, how can you people be proud to do a job that destroys lives? What you go home and say “well honey, guess who’s life we ruined today, man did they squirm”, well you know what, you would squirm too if it was one of you on the chopping block, and you just never know, none of us do, maybe someone right where you work is a sicko, I think they should gather up all you heartless reporters and put out on the Island of Alcatraz, where you can not bother anyone anymore, then you would have to trust each other, now isn’t that scarey!

  18. Synemetrix Media Group says:

    I love Macaulay Culkin and I loved MJ he was targeted and hunted by a very dangerous Group anyway… now is the Time to let him Rest in Peace !!!
    And to some comments here… Respect hmm I believe they don’t know the meaning of it.

    Christopher Alexander Young

  19. dee dee says:

    on June the 25 I was shock when they said that Michael Jackson died. and I cry a lot he was my best friend. I felt like apart of my childhood died with me. but I’m only 18 and I will never forget the most amazing things he did in this life time. love you Michael and your music will live on this earth. you are not alone. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

  20. liz says:

    What a wonderful, beautiful, gentle human being Michael Jackson was.This man helped so many children and adults in there time of need and donated so much money. And what did he ask for in return, NOTHING. All Michael ever wanted was a better world and for people to love each other. Michael got such a raw deal on earth and all for the sake of money and yet he never stopped giving and loving. If that had been me I would have became so bitter and would never have helped anyone again but Michael was better than that, he kept believing in people. It truly makes me sick the way some people go on about him without having any proof just so a story can be sold and because so many like to read about the misery of others. I for one am so glad he had some very close friends who stood by him no matter what (wish I had been one of them) and also his true fans never would have believed all the rubbish about him. I hope more than anything that he is in a better place now with all the love and kindness that he truly deserves and never got when he was alive. Rest In Peace Michael, I for one truly love you.

  21. ashhleyyy says:

    okay honestly, I think you guys are immature. Michael Jackson shouldn’t be known as any of this. I hate you, rot in hell? that’s nice. he’s dead. and you shouldn’t be taking it out on Macaulay Culkin. cause they were good friends. obviously, so whoever is saying this really needs to get a life. and Michael was a true down to earth guy. and he should be recognized for his music and how popular he was in the music industry, and not about how he molested or whatever. cause I don’t believe that. and if you guys are really talking about this on his internet site. disrespect, all the way. get lives, and respect him.

    long live MJ.

  22. Jack says:

    MJ waned to fu** the boy several times

  23. mike says:

    What the hell is Mila Kunis doing with him. She could do so much better. He had a whole career ahead of himself a he blew it all away on drugs pathetic…. maybe in another life Mila :)

  24. jillie says:

    wtf rot in hell? I wish all MJ and Mac haters would rot in hell! and get cancer!

  25. kelly says:

    Macaulay I hope you have a retarded child one day

  26. Tari says:

    Rest in Peace Micheal you are the best, all you guys going against him will soon know the meaning of loving your Neighbors.Tari juliet Eminghotei from Nigeria.

  27. Tari says:

    Rest in Peace Micheal you are the best, I hope all you guys going against him will soon know d meaning of loving your Neighbors. Tari juliet Eminghotei from Nigeria.

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