Madden Mum About Duff But Frustrated With Press

InRock magazine caught up with Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden and asked the singer about the rumored romance he’s got going with underaged teen queen . “I’m not saying anything, but if you want know about my happiness, then yes, I am happy,” Madden said. “That’s all I can say. I’m not going to say anything else about this subject!” Asked how he feels about all the press speculation over the romance, Madden said, “…there’s no way to stop them. (he laughs) The press just does whatever they want, they don’t think about my feelings. And I can’t stop them. But the reason why I get angry when they write something about Hilary, for example, is that it might not be me that it effects most, but her. They can write anything they want about me, but they’ve got no call to write mean things about Hilary, you know?”

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