Madonna: 47 And In Her Prime In Europe

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It’s quite baffling how Madonna in her 40’s seems to have an even bigger success in Europe than the Madonna in her 20’s or 30’s. Generally, Madonna was considered a bigger success in her early years by critics but since her ‘Ray Of Light’ album to today’s ‘Confessions On A Dance Floor’ album, Madonna has become better & better as she grows older! Madonna received, most of her Awards (Grammy Awards, MTV Awards & Europe Video Awards) in her 40’s. Madonna broke the most the world records in her 40’s & her ‘Hung Up’ single may soon be the most successful global single of the 21st Century.

Madonna is now currently the 2nd Biggest Selling Female Artist (after Britney Spears) for the 21st Century with cumulative world sales of 32 million (Music -15 million, American Life – 4 million, GHV2 – 7 million & ‘Confessions’ – 6 million). These sales exclude her catalog albums! In Europe Madonna’s scored 7x platinum (7 million sold) for ‘Ray Of Light’, 5x platinum for ‘Music’ & 3x platinum for ‘Confessions’. In the U.K. alone Madonna had 4 of her 9 No.1 albums in her 40’s.

Madonna is now more successful in Europe in her 40’s than she was in her 20’s or 30’s. Madonna’s success in the U.S. has now shifted towards a bigger market – Europe! Madonna never made a comeback with ‘Confessions’…Her success just shifted from American to European. Considering a 2-month old album selling 3 million in Europe alone speaks volumes. Madonna’s age is not a factor anymore according to critics…Haters better get over this for even an American based youth oriented show like TRL admits – Madonna just keeps getting better with age!

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4 thoughts on “Madonna: 47 And In Her Prime In Europe

  1. trluk says:

    Increased sales when you get older are not due to you getting better.. they are due to you ‘selling out’ artistically. Madonna has gone from fashion icon and feminist to hypocritical drag queen who throws together a few gay dance anthems and does no promotions. She is no longer even in the top 10 biggest female artists. Mariah Carey on the other hand is the #1 artist of ALL TIME with over 160m album sales. Its a pity Madonna is nearly dead. Can you imagine in 12 years?? Mariah will be Madonnas age still having hits and Madonna will be in a retirement community for homosexuals and drag queens. Its sad really.

  2. astrange1 says:

    Again you are wrong… First, increased sales can be because of a number of reasons. In her early pop years, Madonna had been considered a pop star but later her music developed and she got critical approval that probably peaked with “Ray of Light”. Still 4 of her albums made Rolling Stone’s top 500 of all time and they are generally not fans of dance-pop. I also do not get how you could point to Mariah as a counter-example. With the exception of her first album and her most recent, the rest of her work has gotten at best mediocre reviews. For all these years she was considered pretty much a voice wasted on immature and monotonous material with syrupy ballads and overblown production numbers as her specialty. Her first album was excellent and Mimi was good but not great but the rest of it is hit singles and filler. She has never had any sort of sustained critical success and has always gone with the flow and not produced anything innovative like Alicia Keys or Madonna. As for the top selling artist of all time, that is pure fantasy. You and the Madonna fans can argue over who is the top FEMALE selling artist but Mariah and Madge are hundreds of millions of albums behind the Beatles. If you check the RIAA database, you will find Mariah certified for roughly 60 million in album sales in the US and the Beatles for well over 100 million. In addition they sold hundreds of millions of albums overseas and dwarf any totals Mariah might muster. Considering they were together only 8 years, the difference becomes even more pronounced. Mariah will never be the top selling artist of all time.

  3. CharlotteNCusa says:

    She has minimal success with Radio Airplay in the states and she is doing what other artist are doing once the States are done with them: move across the Atlantic to be big. Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, etc have all done the same and have much greater success in Europe- just as Madonna is doing. I have always appreciated the artist Madonna, however the last two CDs are totally not of a quality that make her an artist. She is just releasing crap that sells in Europe. I miss Madonna being Madonna…..she is now being the Queen of Gay Bars (nothing wrong with that if your a newbie, but she is NOT).

  4. Time finally revealed the truth says:

    It’s 2013, almost 10 years later and Madonna has the two top selling tours of all time by a solo. She’s settled the record for the most successful female recording artist of all time, too

    Mariah? Well, she is in American Idol just like any washed up has-been trying to make a living. By the way she hasn’t had a top 10 since the last decade, I doubt she will continue to score number ones when she’s 47 like Madonna was when she released this masterpiece Confessions on a dance floor

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