Madonna And Britney Spears Career Assessment

Contributed by Madfan:

Biases aside, let’s do a Madonna and Britney Spears Career Assessment.

Let’s begin with Madonna:

Madonna, Madonna, Madonna. Tsk, tsk, tsk… So this is where we’ve come to. She has always been called by many as a career planning genius. I doubt that statement now. All she did since mid-1998 was a series of career missteps.

Let’s begin with “Evita” in 1996. It provided her a fresh start. What did she do? She wasted it. “Evita” could’ve been the start of the movie career that she has always dreamed of. She was supposed to be Velma Kelly in “Chicago” after that. If she did “Chicago” (thank heavens, she didn’t — she would have just destroyed it), she could have been the new Queen of Movie Musicals. Just imagine … after “Chicago,” she could have been Fantine in a movie version of the musical “Les Miserables” … then she could have been Norma Desmond in a movie version of the musical “Sunset Boulevard.” She could have been perfect in both roles … roles which were right for her age and talent. She could have been the Queen of Broadway Musicals Turned Movies. But no, she wanted to be “relevant” and cool to the younger generation … so she chose did that terrible and boring film “The Next Best Thing,” a film which the younger generation simply ignored. Do I have to mention “Swept Away”? It’s unfair, people always attack “Glitter” and “Gigli,” but they don’t even mention “Swept Away” whenever they talk about the biggest box office disasters. Is it that bad that it doesn’t even deserve mention in the Annals of the Greatest Flops? Mistake No. 1.

On the music front, after “Evita,” where she took voice lessons, she could’ve easily shifted to recording Broadway and Broadway-like tunes, a la Streisand, LuPone, Brightman … and even Dion. She could’ve gotten the respect of a much mature-er audience, the generation of people who ACTUALLY are familiar and aware of her existence and presence. But no, she wanted to be “relevant” and cool to the younger generation … so she delved into electronica. Good for her, the “Ray of Light” CD and her collaboration with the talented William Orbit turned out to be successful. This gave her the courage to push the musical envelopes even further. “Music,” her first collaboration with that Mirwais person, was okay, tolerable … but not VERY good. But we forgave her. “GHV-2” appeared to be a scam (what??? a “greatest hits” package with no actual huge hits and NO new songs to satisfy loyal Madonna CD collectors???). Again we forgave her. Then came that horrible, horrible “American Life” project. You can fool the people most of the time, but you can’t fool the people ALL the time. Obviously, she’s lost it here. And observers at last had the courage to say that this was the beginning of the end. Mistake No. 2.

On the image front, after “Evita,” we actually believed that the Material Girl has turned into the Spiritual Mother, a mature mother of two and a loving wife who practices Kabbalah and writes stories for children. THE KISS opened our eyes … all that “metaphysics S.H.I.T” and spiritual C.R.A.P. was just a game, a publicity stunt. Mistake No. 3.

Saturday Night Live perfectly sums up Madonna’s struggle to remain famous and visible: “sad desperation.” My greatest fear has happened … Madonna has joined the League of Fallen Icons (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey). She has been reduced to a laughing stock and the butt of late-night show jokes, along with Jacko, Whitney and poor Mariah.

If I were Madonna (thank heavens, I’m not … I’d rather be Beyonce or Hilary Duff at the moment … no, that’s too ambitious of me, make that Laura Pausini), I’d sign out of the Britney Spears video, ask the Britney management to remove my vocals from that horrific “me Against The Music” single, do a Cher-like farewell concert, and retire with dignity and integrity and just enjoy Guy Ritchie. That’s heaven enough. If she goes on, she’ll make more career missteps. 20 years is enough. Thank you. We love you.

As for Britney Spears, let’s just concentrate on the music. Well, given everything that’s happening to her career at the moment, all I can say is, and I hate eating my own vomit, Christina Aguilera has done better musical choices. OK, OK, Britney has 3 consecutive No. 1 CDs. But you’ve gotta have hit singles as well to maintain your existence in pop life. Since when has she actually last appeared in the Billboard Top 10 Singles chart AFTER the first single “… Baby One More Time”? The answer to that will be my Britney Spears Career Assessment.

Britney and Madonna maturing, evolving and developing music to higher levels with “Me Against the Music”? Are you kidding??? Development and maturity means evolution into something better. It means moving forward, not backward. Britney and Madonna, with that ill-fated “Me Against The Music,” are taking us back to the ancient period when man was just starting to learn the art of sound and music.

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11 thoughts on “Madonna And Britney Spears Career Assessment

  1. CARPEDIEM says:

    This is just another pointless essay. This is not news it is someones opinion. Lets get serious guys, these is ridiculous.

  2. musikluver says:

    We should do an assessment on your dumb ass.. but I think my previous post said it all.. you stupid fool! Get a life!

  3. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Ok, I think this person is my soulmate! I’ve been accused of having long essay articles to read before, but I’ll tell you what…as long as they are thought out and well written, by all means go for it! I just wanna give Madfan a “high five” and say “RIGHT ON TO YA!!!” This is beyond awesome!

  4. B0rntoplay says:

    Wait, Wait, Wait… So just because Christina has had more hit singles than Britney, that makes her more likely to last? How about we focus on the fact that Britney’s first album outsold Christina’s first, and that Britney’s second and third album have both outsold Christina’d Dirrty. Obviously having hit singles isn’t as important as you make it, otherwise, the sales would have Christina on top. Hmm, having more sales, or more hits? What matters more? Hmm, I wonder. And please, stop writing these stupid opinions and acting like you are both a Britney And Christina fan. You clearly are 100% biased. And you’re whole thing on MATM not being very good…well, I guess the fact its on the radio like crazy and is on the top of many countdowns doesn’t matter. The whole point of having radio hits is so that they can produce sales…well, that’s how big Britney is. She can have little airplay, and still outsell artists who are on the radio non stop.

  5. HoneyRain says:

    Madfan, I understand that you’re obviously disgusted with Britney right now.. but would you PLEASE STOP dragging other artists such as CHRISTINA into your essays just so you can make a point. Christina has nothing to do with Britney and you’re only adding fire to this “rivalry” by constantly comparing Britney to Christina.. and might I add that record sales, fans, and popularity votes STILL don’t mean that Britney is better.. when it comes to artistic ability.. Christina always beats Britney along with a whole lot of others. Why don’t you start comparing Britney to Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, or some of the other female singers and stop singling out Christina. I think it’s pathetic that you have to use Christina just to make a statement about Britney.

    and you need to back the hell up off of Mariah.. no she may not have the best reputation in the world but what the hell do we really know about these people? we only know what tabloids and journalists and the media tell us about them.. everyone has the ability to lie and everything can be edited. No one can touch or take away Mariah’s musical accomplishments.. she’s won BOTH artist of the MILLENNIUM and DECADE awards and I don’t think they just hand out those awards to anybody. Mariah is a legend and has outlasted SO many other artists of the early 90s and she’s STILL outselling many of the artists today. Madfan.. you have no clue what ur talking about and you’re only making yourself look dumber and dumber with each essay you post. you have WAY too much time on your hands.

  6. Homertime says:

    You consider Mariah a “fallen icon”? Icon, yes. Fallen? Hardly. Mariah’s lowest time is already two years behind her. There’s no new “Glitter” to make fun of her for. On the contrary, there’s the critically acclaimed Charmbracelet World Tour. Yeah yeah, she downsized from arenas to theaters – to which people automatically assume was due to poor sales. But only three dates had gone on sale before the tour was revamped. Sales were not part of the equation. The show itself has been receiving glowing reviews from most sources. Anyways, Mariah was huge in the ’90s and somewhat lost her chart dominating power. But she’s still around. And asides from the “Glitter” thing, there’s nothing to kick her for. Madonna on the other hand, has groomed herself in the image of someone who was innovative and fearless. But after investing time and money into the original “American Life” video, she chickened out of releasing it, fearing a Dixie Chick-esque backlash, to which Shakira publicly called her spineless. You’re right on the farewell concert idea. Madonna should leave the business. As one review so accurately put it, “Madonna has lost the ability to make good albums”.

  7. B0rntoplay says:

    People just rip on Mariah because she isn’t at the top anymore, which is a very stupid way to look at things. Mariah is so talented, and nothing is going to erase that. And Madonna is too past her peak, but you can’t forget all that she has done. Madonna, like Mariah, will always be seen as icons.

  8. babet says:

    I agree…..very thought provoking Madfan… I feel sorry for Madonna. its really tragic to see her career end this way. I always thought she had a lot going for her…..I’ve always admired her risk-taking persona. Britney…she was a sad case from the start.

  9. jimmypee says:

    The combination of hit singles, sales, RESPECT, TALENT and Grammys are what counts. and considering Stripped will outsell Britney, she has won Grammys, she has INFINITELY more respect, she has hit singles, and is a talented songwriter and INCREDIBLE VOICE, I think its pretty safe to say Christina is the one who is going to be hanging around. and no radio doesn’t matter….every song gets that treatment when its first released. and most songs don’t have cheap pr stunts like a VMA kiss to kick start it….that’s all Britney’s leeching off of, and it wont last.

  10. mikemc says:

    Homertime, I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself, Madfan seems to always slid something in about Mariah, even if the topic has nothing to do with her. Mariah’s hard times are BEHIND her, almost 3 years ago now. Everyone knows she’s back and doing it her way, except the haters, they just can’t let something so stupid go.

  11. jazzprofounder says:

    Okay it’s just an opinion! I don’t believe that Britney is the most talented artist in the world, same goes for Christina, but jeez, does it always have to be a big debate about whose better than who all based on hits and sales? It’s not the content of sales and hit albums that makes an artists, its how he or she finds a way of understanding through their mind, heart, and soul with MUSIC. When we look back at the most famous singers in the world (Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, to name a few), we don’t recount the days when they sold tons of records and crap. Years from now, most people will look back at the artists for their music, not for record sales and radio numbers. The number of records they sell and the many times their on radio is just the little things we look back on, we also look back at the music, what it brought to music, etc….and if we have to years from now have to remember just the radio numbers, album sales, and a few forgettable hits for Britney’s case, that’s just plain sad.

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