Madonna And Guy Perform First Gig Together

The Sunday People reports and husband Guy Ritchie performed their first gig together – at a Kabbalah party. Madonna performed three songs, accompanied by Guy on guitar, to celebrate the birthday of her Kabbalah guru Rabbi Yehuda Berg.

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7 thoughts on “Madonna And Guy Perform First Gig Together

  1. Tig says:

    Ok, granted she is an icon, she is a legend, but will she please get off the soapbox, no body cares what religion she is today, because, she changes religions, like I change boxers….Give it a rest, maybe if she spent more time, promoting her music, and making quality innovative videos, like she use to..she would have a hit on her hands, and she doesn’t.

  2. weebongo says:

    Her last 2 singles were big hits all over the world they just kind of flopped in the US. Hollywood didn’t do well because it was being critical of radio stations and how they are so homogenized. Its no surprise Hollywood didn’t get airplay with lines like “Music stations always play the same song”. Madonna more than any other pop star has something to say and doesn’t hold back her views even if it will cost her in sales and radio spins.

  3. Tig says:

    oh, my wee-wee, we have a weakness Madonna. Let me find out……Madonna-lover. Interesting. What’s my fave single of hers…probably Pretender and Love Don’t Live here anymore…but wait,,,Love tried to welcome me…..and don’t believe the Hype, American Life is her 1st BIG FLOP, both singles flopped all over the globe, it’s gonna take a miracle to save this CD.

  4. weebongo says:

    American Life and Hollywood were both big hits all over the world. Even in Canada they went to the top of the charts. In Europe Hollywood is still one of the most played songs. It’s really just American that’s shunning Madonna’s latest work. That’s because her album while supporting the freedoms that America gives is being judgmental of the American way of life at the same time, sometimes in a joking way. She picked a bad time to release this sort of album in the US. It’s a little too sarcastic though that’s what she does best.

  5. Tig says:

    We WE bongo this is not true, doing a search of Soundscan and for the UK and abroad, states that American Idol is considered a flop. The video was not receiving spins on either VH1 or MTV or MTV2 or MTV UK. According to most DJ’s, unlike Music, American Life was melancholy and boring. Other than Nothing Fails, the CD lacked inspiration, vocal dexterity and passion. In other words: it’s F**king Boring. She needs A CD where she’s dancing again (via Lucky Star), and being soulful again (via Bedtime stories). You know you agree. She’s in the same boat as Mariah, they don’t know what to do with her.

  6. weebongo says:

    The album is doing very well in other countries. On the European singles chart Hollywood got to #3 and the album is still in the top 20 after 18 weeks. On the Billboard dance charts both American Life & Hollywood got to #1. So it’s doing very well. Nobody Knows Me is an amazing dance song, one of the best she has done and will tear up the clubs. What’s also good is that her style of singing changes from song to song keeping the entire album interesting. This is one of Madonna’s most satisfying albums.

  7. Tig says:

    Granted, Die Another Day and American Life have been hits on the Dance Charts, but they have tanked on the Pop Charts. Q Magazine in the UK, lists the CD as a flop, The CD is full of melancholy boring music, other than…No body Knows me,,,and Nothing Fails….Rumor has it that Nothing Fails is the single. If there is another single. Hollywood’s video is a rip-off of the vogue video, just admit, she’s lost her steam with this Cd and the video’s. Compare this tired CD to her other “assumed flop”–Erotica,,,,Erotica is 100 times better. American life is has disappeared off the Top 100.

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