Madonna At Paris Hotel

was photographed outside the Hotel de Crillon in Paris, France on Friday (November 11). Check out pictures from WireImage and FilmMagic.

Has Dance-Off In London

November 17, 2005 – The Mirror reports that Madonna out-danced designer pal Stella McCartney and Texas babe at the bash at super-hip West End club Kabaret’s Prophecy. “We couldn’t believe it. Madonna had a dance-off with friends and her own dancers,” a spy revealed. “Stella and Sharleen were out at the first hurdle and Gwyneth Paltrow left early, too. But Madge kept dancing until 2am. Guy Ritchie kept cheering and encouraging her. It was electric.”

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10 thoughts on “Madonna At Paris Hotel

  1. CELEBR8 says:

    Let us dish out what we’ve been taking…I believe it’s ahead of DFAU & her album’, ‘is slightly ahead of Carries for the #1 spot. A hot shot #20 debut for Hung up & 1st week sales higher than Mimi’s not to mention it’s #1 on TRL while Mariah is hanging on somewhere in the bottom, ahhh to be the Queen.

  2. AFStud501 says:

    LOL.. Oh, CELEB8 – you are so silly. “DFAU” has been all over TRL as well, debuting at #4! And even claiming the #1 spot on only its second day on the countdown. If I remember correctly, according to, “Hung Up” failed to debut on TRL after its premiere, it was only after the website BEGGED & PLEADED with fans, that “Hung Up” finally debuted at a sad #9. I’m glad Madonna’s CD is doing well, I knew it would. Of course its gonna debut at #1, “Mimi” is a re-release, so for it to sell the 175K as predicted.. we are happy with that. It has already sold 4 million here in the US. Hitsdailydouble also predicted Madonna to sell 350K – that’s great, but still shy of “Mimi’s” first week at 400K+. Whatever Madonna does sell, I am dividing by 3 to get the actual sales figures. After all, Madonna is releasing 3 versions of this album. Each one of her fans are gonna buy all 3 versions. Therefore if she sells 600K, only 200K people actually own the CD.

    Also, “DFAU” is still not a digital release. She is #4 on the airplay charts! Go Mimi

  3. CELEBR8 says:

    oh petty lil girl, do we forget HOW MANY VERSIONS OF MIMI ARE THERE? and HU is ahead’, ‘of Mariahs lead off single in every way this week. Also, please post a reputable source on Mimi’s first week #’s, I remember differently. Also, Madonna sites did not beg to get her video played, it took awhile for it to take off since what Madonna is offering is different than what is popular in the US right now. I hope you put this kind of energy into your relationship cause you are all over anybody that doesn’t worship the Ground Mariah walks on. I mean, I am a fan of Madonna, but even I will criticize things I don’t like, she isn’t perfect. You resort to calling people racist, psycho & idiot, cause they don’t agree with you & your teamlamb BS. Isn’t there a Mariah board, story or forum that needs you? As of last look, nobody commented on “Mariah being mobbed by fans in Hollywood” go help her look popular and post some comments there.

  4. AFStud501 says:

    Oh brother… Madonna is #1 On TRL! OMG its Madonna 2005 now!’, ‘Yeah right… You need to take your own advise. Madonna is ahead of Mariah ONCE this entire year, and its only because “DFAU” is not available for digital downloads. Mariah is #4 on BB Airplay… now what wa that you were saying Madonna is ahead of Mariah on all charts? Oh yeah, and btw, “Shake It Off” is still ahead of “Hung Up” and that’s because it is falling off the charts because “DFAU” is climbing. Madonna fell twice. “DFAU” has not fallen at all on BB, it rises every week. I am not part of no teamlamb bs. You are part of the gap tooth clan, that goes around scared as ***** that Mariah is taking Madonna’s crown, so you go and bash her every chance you get. You are completely psycho over Madonna. I can at least root for Madonna nd admit I like her. You are so far up her ass, you can’t even applaud Mariah even after all the undeniable success sh’es hadt this year. None of it was easy. She is the ultimate comeback queen, and Madonna should thank her for opening the doors for comebacks this year!

  5. mandysdandy says:

    This is Madonna’s comeback year. I’m happy that a song without a rapper or cheap hip-hop beats is in the top 20! I hope this allows for different genres of music to gain more recognition and broadens the top 40 format. I’m so happy.

  6. AFStud501 says:

    Yay! Madonna is #1 on iTunes! I am so glad for Madonna. I hope 2006 is her year. Mariah has completely conquered 2005. “DFAU” is constantly moving up the charts. #4 on Hot 100 Airplay. Wow, I can’t wait for the digital single to be released. It will shoot the song straight to #1. iTunes accidentally had “DFAU” available for download yesterday and the public responded! The song shot up to #13, before iTunes was able to realize their mistake and make it unavailable. Wow, thanks to Mariah opening the doors for comebacks again, Madonna has found success too. I am so happy!

  7. divinah says:

    Madonna Fans Are In Denial’, ‘What comeback are you talking about? The single flopped, and that really determined the fate of the CD, which also flopped. Stop using reverse psychology on yourselves…thinking that everything is well doesn’t change the fact that your idol is so over. And what comeback are you talking about? There ain’t gonna be a Mimi-style comeback for The Corpse. And please, stop mentioning Mariah’s name along with your Queen of Flops!

  8. CELEBR8 says:

    Why does Madonnas status irk you and why are you on a Madonna thread if Mariah is’, ‘that much better? I hope your Friday nights aren’t as desperate as your Popdirt attempts to discredit Madonna. Nobody has yet to post a comment on Mariah being mobbed by fans. Her CD has been out for 6 months and only 6 million copies sold, 4 in the US. You better spread the Mariah love in Canada, cause globally, Mariah ain’t sh**

  9. AFStud501 says:

    The second Madonna has a small taste of success. You contradict yourself….’, ‘You are always in Mariah posts. Mariah has had success all damn year and everytime her success stories are published on Popdirt, you and mandysdandy are quick to go discredit her. So you know what? Its a taste of your own damn medicine. Globally.. everyone listens to electronica. Madonna sings electronica! Of course she is going to be more successful. Mariah is not trying to please the masses. She simply sticks to what she likes and that’s r&b. If its only popular in the US, that’s fine. At least she is true to her taste in music. But even with that… she STILL has some success worldwide. Mariah is real one taking chances. She is singing R&B in a world that only appreciates disposable electronica.

  10. CharlotteNCusa says:

    I must confess……….’, ‘that I actually like Madonna’s new CD (this is my first Madge CD). I do NOT like the video for Hung Up. Also, there are some really good songs on this CD that should have been released before Hung Up. Anyways, I am sure this CD will outsell American Life (only sold about 600,000 copies in the US). I have to say, Madge did it! She made a great dance CD. This CD is nothing but a fabulous Gay Dance Remix Album. You go girl!

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