Madonna Attends Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Show

Madonna attended the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show as part of Paris Fashion Week (Haute Couture) Spring/Summer 2006 on Wednesday (January 25) in Paris, France. Check out pictures from RexFeatures (page1 / page2) and GettyImages.

Madonna Buys Neighboring Home In London

January 29, 2006 – The Sun reports that Madonna purchased a home next to her Mayfair mansion for £900,000. “She loves her home in London but has always wanted more space,” a neighbor explained. “Properties here often aren’t as big as the enormous places you can get in Los Angeles. She had been after the mews house next door for a couple of years. She asked the banking consultant neighbor who owned it if he was prepared to sell and eventually he agreed.” The source added, “Madonna likes the added security she will have owning the house next door. She has had big security problems in the past. She plans to move in more of her staff next door now and she said she could do with the extra office space.”

More Dance Music Coming From Madonna

January 28, 2006 – After recording 42 songs with Stuart Price, most of which didn’t make it to ‘Confessions On A Dance Floor’, Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Madonna is planning the release of two more dance albums in what are being called “small club albums.” The insider said, “She works very hard on her music and the only reason songs were left off the album was simply space. Hopefully now fans can fully enjoy the real dance queen in action with more exclusive new tracks.”

Rep Brushes Off Wedding Ring-Less Madonna Gossip

January 26, 2006 – The New York Daily News reports Madonna fueled gossip that her marriage to director Guy Ritchie is in trouble when she showed up at Jean Paul Gaultier’s Paris fashion show on Wednesday without her wedding ring. “Sometimes she wears it, sometimes she doesn’t,” the singer’s rep Liz Rosenberg explained. “She and Guy are fine. They just had dinner together.”

Rocky Road For Madonna And Guy’s Marriage

January 22, 2006 – The New York Daily News reports that speculation is mounting that Madonna’s 5-year marriage to Guy Ritchie is in crisis mode. “She has been spending very little time with him,” an insider revealed. “She is obsessed with everything related to her career at this point. The album [‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’] is a hit, and that is all she seems to care about these days. A split? Not sure. Less time together? Most definitely.” But her rep Liz Rosenberg said, “Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie seemed perfectly comfortable and adoring of each other. … My sense is that they’re quite a happy, content couple.”

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8 thoughts on “Madonna Attends Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Show

  1. ScorpionMan says:

    John Poo Gotter is supposed to be designing her next tours costumes, I hope she wipes the dust off her cone bra!! :^) And Mariah Carey’s fashion sense goes as far as, “Is it showing enough of my fake boobs to distract them from my crap music?”

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    Jean Paul is genius, no need for the childish name calling.

  3. EdwardAlex says:

    Great attempt Madonna but you look a little frazzled… Her hair looks like the recent Rolling Stone Cover

  4. amelita says:

    I am not really, a huge fan, of, Madonna, but, I have to be honest, I like her song, “sorry”, it’s awesome.

  5. mandysdandy says:

    At even her worst Madonna is still quite fashionable. She looked pretty sleek in her black ensemble. Could you imagine Nutcase Mimi seated at the front of a major fashion show? Surely we can. However, yapping on the phone to place an order for chicken wings and fries and popping medication while squeezing into a designer gown is not accepted and frowned upon in the fickle fashion world.

  6. CELEBR8 says:

    “At even her worst Madonna is still quite fashionable” ok! So it’s not the’, ‘most flattering pic, but between the horse fall & the promotion for the album & being a wife, mother & biggest selling female artist, she is allowed to look beat once in awhile.

  7. eminemsgayluvr says:

    Love Madonna and Gaultier collaborations’, ‘Madonna and Gaultier are both creative geniuses, Mariah’s brain might explode if she was ever around so much creativity. I have to agree with previous post Mariah would be so out of place in Paris at a major fashion show. The only person Mariah may be a muse for is Colonel Sanders. Madonna has too many rich, powerful, creative friends that make Mariah look like Lizzie Mcguire. It’s moments like this when I realize what a loser Mariah is. My aunt happened to be at the Gaultier show and said people mistook Madonna at first for Catherine Deneuve who also happened to be there.

  8. Marshall08 says:

    I like Madonna but its VERY obv that she is getting old..Its nothing bad that happens after time but look under her eyes…she looks like she should be in the “THRILLER” video.

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