Madonna Attends Kylie Minogue Concert reports that “ attended ’s last Showgirl concert at London’s Earls Court last night. She was sitting off stage-left in the VIP section. Kylie pointed at Madonna several times during the show and sang ‘then there was you’ at her during ‘Love at First Sight’. Madonna left before the end of the show to avoid the crowds.”

Jab From Kylie Minogue’s Ex

April 17, 2005 – According to The Sunday Mirror, Kylie Minogue’s ex-lover James Gooding, labeled a love rat after cheating on the singer, was overheard muttering to a friend, “Have you seen Kylie recently? She’s not looking that hot. It’s about time she retires.”

Kylie Minogue Covers ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’

April 8, 2005 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Kylie Minogue’s cover version of the Judy Garland camp classic ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ from the ‘Wizard Of Oz’ film is a huge hit with fans on her Showgirl tour. Because of the positive reception the tune has received, Minogue plans to make that a double-A side of her next single. “It’s a real thrill to sing the song nightly – it sends shivers down my spine,” she told a spy.

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