Madonna Backs Satire Of American Pop Culture

The New York Daily News reports ‘Law & Order: SVU’ star Richard Belzer struck a deal with Madonna’s production company, Maverick Films, to make a $5 million-plus satire of American popular culture, and hopes the Material Girl will play herself in the film. “I think she’s a very good actress,” he said. As for a key aspect of American pop culture — a wedding between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Belzer opined, “I don’t think I could care any less. There is probably no branch of physics that could measure the minuteness of my interest.”

Sponsor Madonna’s World Tour For $8 Million

January 15, 2004 – The Las Vegas Sun reports Clear Channel sent out a press release this week announcing that will kick off the 32-city U.S. leg of her world tour June 1st in San Francisco. The release concludes: “Presenting Sponsorship for either the U.S. dates or the entire tour is available at $5M and $8M (million) respectively. Aligning your brand with a proven talent such as Madonna offers a unique platform for your brand and your consumer.”

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2 thoughts on “Madonna Backs Satire Of American Pop Culture

  1. weebongo says:

    Madonna’s last tour was the second highest grossing tour of 2001 and sold out all 47 shows. Madonna is still a magnet when it comes to performing live not like Mariah and her Bombracelet tour that couldn’t even make it in the top 20 grossing tours of 2003.

    No matter what gets said about her acting there are always lots of people that will jump at the chance to work with Madonna. She must have something special if folks can’t wait to put her in their movies. She has been in some fantastic films.

  2. rangergirl says:

    I can see doing a satire of American pop culture & putting something about Madonna in the film. Belzer is still a sell out-hopefully she won’t be in the film too long. Also, the Ben & Jen wedding was news & I remember Belzer commenting on it! So why now “he could care less” because he ‘s working for Maverick and Madonna ,who doesn’t want to give J-Lo anymore publicity. I would think celebrity couples, impending weddings etc would be good material to put in the film. Maybe Madge now wants to poke fun at Brit’s weekend wedding & annulment. Maybe not? I bet other than herself they’ll will be very few celebrities mentioned at all.

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