Madonna-Britney Kiss Angers Stevie Nicks

Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks tells Nui Te Koha of the Herald Sun that she was angered seeing Britney Spears and kissing at the MTV Video Music Awards. “First of all, Madonna is too old to be kissing someone who is 22,” Nicks said. “And Britney should be smarter than that. Hopefully, she will figure a way out of this hole she has dug for herself.”

She also had some advice for the forgotten member of that kissing trio, Christina Aguilera. “I personally have never been to a strip club, but I turn on MTV and see in every single video what it must be like to be at a strip club,” Nicks said. “I think the mystery is gone, and if you have no mystery, then you aren’t even sexy. Real sexuality and sensuality is in the music, and all these girls, vis-a-vis, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and on and on, should go back to writing songs and start over because it won’t last and they won’t last. When they are 55, they won’t be around and that’s sad because I think a lot of those girls are very talented. But they are signing their own death warrants.”

Madonna Surprised At Attention VMA Kiss Received

18, 2003 – Madonna claimed in an interview with Oprah Winfrey she cannot understand why her open-mouthed kiss with Britney Spears has caused such a stir. “I don’t know why people are making such a big deal about it,” she said. “Hasn’t anyone seen two girls kiss before? It was a friendly kiss – it really was. If Britney looks as though she is kissing me in an aggressive way it was a surprise to me.” She added, “I’m a showgirl. After 20 years in the business, we learn to roll with the punches. If someone comes to you with lips parted you have to kiss them.”

Britney & Madonna Kiss Might Be Featured On Emmys

17, 2003 – Don Mischer, who’s producing Sunday’s Emmy Awards, hinted to the New York Post that viewers may see the Madonna and Britney Spears kiss parodied when the Sunday’s humor-driven show airs. “I don’t want to comment on Madonna/Britney, but part of what we’re doing is humorously looking back on the TV season – and if I recall, that was one of the most memorable moments,” Mischer said. “I’m sure it’s going to be dealt with. We’re going to have some fun with those kinds of moments.”

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12 thoughts on “Madonna-Britney Kiss Angers Stevie Nicks

  1. single_female_lawyer says:

    THANK YOU!!! the question is where is the class??? they should make a shirt like the Got Milk thing, Got Class? ha ha but for real that kiss was anything but sexy. I know Madonna is known for these controversial things but for real she is old enough to know that that was just wrong. Now these 14 year olds will think that kissing another girl is ok. and I don’t think that’s right but that’s just what I think…

  2. grprincess says:

    Aren’t you too old to be posting here? Lawyers with class don’t wear minis.

  3. Madfan says:

    ^hypocrites and losers! jealousy kills. viva Madonna! viva Britney! viva Christina! ….by the way, who in the devil’s name is Stevie Nicks??? Does she actually have memorable hits???

  4. bella89 says:

    Please tell me you’re joking! Stevie Nicks is one of the pioneers for woman in the music industry!

  5. kaoticgurl says:

    You go girl!!! WHOA!! Madonna is way to OLD to be kissing a 22 year old. and Britney should be ashamed in herself. I wish they would think about things before they did stupid stuff like that. I can’t even express my anger with them. but I do think that we need to get over this. I’m so sick of having stuff about “The Kiss” all over place. it’s crap. man, what is happening to our society?

  6. weebongo says:

    Stevie should realize Madonna is a legend and has the right to do whatever the hell she wants. She’s a bit resentful because in the early 80’s when Madonna came out she wiped out Stevie’s solo career and most other blonde singers like Debbie Harry. Madonna got all the attention and Stevie was ancient history.

  7. IamARevenant says:

    Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry are 1 million more times important than Madonna. Fleetwood Mac and Blondie are two of the best band in history, they never gave up their integrity to sell a record. You need to get respect for REAL artists. Madonna isn’t known for her music, she’s known for her antics.

  8. MariahsMan says:

    She’s right to a certain extent. But she shouldn’t pass judgement on them due to the way they dress or their videos. Times have changed! Christina has one of the best voices in the business, and Madonna (even thought I’m not a fan really) will always be remembered. Britney…well she’s just trying to shock people…and obviously it’s working because people can’t stop talking about her. Fact is…in some way or another, all of these girls will be remembered for a long time. They all possess talent in some way…unlike others *cough* J LO!

  9. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    You don’t know who Stevie Nicks is? Wow, no wonder you listen to trash like Britney, Christina and Madonna. Here, I’ll help ya out. Have you heard Third Eye Blind, Maroon 5, Dave Matthews, or Pedro the Lion? I suggest you download some of their songs. They’re amazing. They write their own songs, play their own music, and don’t need scantily clad dancers and millions of dollars worth of pyrotechnics to put on a good show.

  10. babet says:

    wtf??? ok stevie….get your f***in facts straight before you go blasting off popstars. who in the world said that there has to be “mystery” and if that was better or not. Britney (sadly) and Christina are very successful in their careers so they can do whatever they want. as for xtina…..she DOES write songs. she’s written songs since her first album. even Britney started writing songs (as pathetic as they are at least she’s trying) its really disappointing to hear Stevie buy into those stereotypes…..she’s being over judgmental and biased of popstars like Britney and xtina. she doesn’t know half the story or have even the slightest idea about whats going on today….things changed. deal with it.

  11. babet says:

    maybe Stevie should…. she’s assuming that just because those girls are sexy that means they have no talent and that they can’t write. well……..xtina herself just proved her stereotypical theory WRONG. Christina is an excellent writer, singer, and performer. she has a 10x better voice than Stevie…..and to me that is talent. she should recognize that instead of xtina’s bra. she probably closed her mind to Christina once she saw the Dirrty video. she didn’t even listen to stripped…if she did…she would have said differently.

  12. jazzprofounder says:

    Yes Stevie Nicks is exactly, exactly right. Sexiness is about the mystery, the fantasy, the imagination, and the hidden desire of sexuality and sensuality that’s found in music, not about flaunting as much as you can in every magazine to get attention over the same stunt that’s been played over and over again. I believe that Brit and Christina are both talented, and it’s sad how low and unoriginal they sometimes get. They are always stating, “Look at me! Look at me! I am hot and I know I am!” in every magazine they are in, declaring that they are “women”, when they really aren’t. You don’t have to strip to prove you are a woman or becoming mature. The more and more they are always using sex for flavor it becomes distastefully old and just immature. They need to learn how to be sexy from within as well, that’s how people will respect them more fully as artist and entertainers.

    Just because somebody speaks the truth doesn’t mean they are stereotyping anybody. I believe Stevie Nicks was correct and respectable about Brit and Xtina…and when she meant by “mystery” she meant by leaving something to the imagination in a sense. Brit and Christina are showing too much skin now. Few years later, what would they have to show? A body is a body, even when it changes into a more graceful and amazing figure, there is still an ass and breast to show off in magazine covers, nothing new to see. They are overusing their sex appeal for the moment, it can eventually be uncherished and unrecognized few years later when some people might be sick of seeing the same old stuff about Christina and Britney bearing all AGAIN. Already in my opinion its getting old. They should leave more of a mystery about their sexuality for the imagination, it might bring more attention and interest towards what people might not expect from them.

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