Madonna Can’t Kiss Bond So She Demands Lesbian Role

The Mirror reports Madonna’s latest film role in the new Bond movie ‘Die Another Day’ where she plays a lesbian fencer was the result of her demanding the part because her character wasn’t able to have sex with film lead Pierce Brosnan. A source revealed, “ was furious movie bosses didn’t want her to be a traditional Bond girl. All the Bond babes get to romp with the English agent but when she saw the script, Madge demanded to know why she couldn’t at least kiss him. In the end, she persuaded the bosses to let her play a lesbian instead.”

Wants Guy To Rewrite Bond Cameo

July 7, 2002 – The Sunday People reports is fighting with James Bond bosses over her cameo role. The singer wants hubby Guy Ritchie to rewrite her role which reportedly has her having a sword fight with Pierce Brosnan.

Madonna Could Have Cameo In New Bond Flick

June 25, 2002 – Pierce Brosnan told Radio 1 that while Madonna is confirmed to perform the theme song from the new James Bond movie, ‘Die Another Day’, she may have an appearance in the film as well. Brosnan said: “I believe she could have a cameo role in this movie.” adding, “I believe I’m not allowed to tell you.”

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