Madonna Denies Laughing At Mariah Carey

Dotmusic reports Madonna’s spokeswoman is denying a report in The New York Daily News claiming she “laughed hysterically” after hearing news of poor ticket sales for Mariah Carey’s upcoming U.S. tour. “She has no negative feelings toward Mariah,” the spokeswoman said. In addition, Mariah’s spokesperson insisted ticket sales for the tour are not poor, and offered an explanation for the cancellations. “Her tour is selling well,” the spokesperson said. “She’s cancelled a few dates so she can add shows in larger cities.”

Madonna Tour Snubs Aussies

June 24, 2006 – The Herald Sun reports that despite Madonna’s promise to include Australia if her tour reached Asia, it was confirmed Saturday that the singer would not perform in the country. The Material Girl’s Australian tour promoter, Michael Gudinski, said yesterday Australia was “not under consideration for a Madonna tour.” Gudinski added: “I am sure she will come back here one day. She likes Australia. It’ll be worth the wait.”

British Fans Snub Madonna Over Sky-High Ticket Prices

June 24, 2006 – The Mirror reports Madonna is having troubles selling out her British tour due to “outrageous” ticket prices, which top out at a staggering $273 each. “Madonna should be the hottest ticket of the year, but for many of her loyal fans the prices are outrageous,” an insider said. Tour promoters Live Nation told the tabloid, “What sort of story are you trying to do? We don’t have a comment, speak to her PR.” But her PR had no comment.

Madonna Won’t Endorse Magic Pill

June 22, 2006 – Jeannette Walls of reports Madonna has reportedly turned down an offer of $3 million to endorse a pill that claims to help people lose weight and increase their sex drive.

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One thought on “Madonna Denies Laughing At Mariah Carey

  1. TigerLily says:

    Mariah’s voice has adapted to the demands of today’s music industry,she used to be that over the top and yell your lungs out kind of singer (in league with singers like Celine, Whitney,etc)but her techniques evolved with the times as she doesn’t sing like she used to when she was younger but that’s fine with me, I don’t see why Xtina should be credited for having the best pop voice as I see both have that something extra over the other;both sing so differently, and yes, JD has done a good job for Mimi, producers are just as important as talent, even if u have talent but your given songs that sound like crap, I don’t think you’d go anywhere far

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