Madonna Documentary Clip Aired On MTV

Contributed by StilettoSadist: has posted a short clip from the tour documentary ‘I’m Going To Tell You A Secret’ that aired during the MTV Video Music Awards pre-show. The clip showed Madonna performing ‘Nobody Knows Me’, the footage was filmed in Paris in 2004. To view the clip, visit

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10 thoughts on “Madonna Documentary Clip Aired On MTV

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    I saw that during the pre-show… she looked and sounded amazing. I cant wait for that DVD to come out.

    it is going straight to dvd because she doesn’t have time to promote it because of the’, ‘highly anticipated release of her record that will no doubt debut at number 1.

  2. divinah says:

    Queen of the 80s. Goddess of the 90s. Underdog of the 00s’, ‘Wow. What an evolution. What a downward spiral. The Queen and Goddess of the past two decades have become the greatest loser of the new millennium. The horrible Ashlee Simpson’s debut flop of a film has earned more than Madonna’s biggest flop “Swept Away.” Now Paris Hilton is releasing a CD which will definitely debut at #1, while critics are already predicting doom for the yet unreleased “Confesssions on a Dancefloor” and “I’m Gonna Tell You A Secret.” Third rate acts have out-Madonna-ed Madonna! What a sad way to end a career.

  3. EdwardAlex says:

    fine with swept away. But Evita, A League of Their Own, Desperately Seeking Susan? ..’, ‘What critics (sources) do you have for your predictions? Too bad you are just a white trash moron who doesn’t have a clue!

    This documentary actually shows extreme integrity. I heard its very motivational. I heard that she says that we all have the ability to become a better person, conquer our dreams, and live fulfilling lives… no matter what our backgrounds or circumstances include. Not to mention you get to see parts of her sold out world tour? The clip shows you what an amazing performer this woman really is. It is a great introduction for her critically anticipated album due out in November. It will be refreshing to hear some fresh lively music for a change… the only thing that has come close in the world of pop lately is Gwen and Kelly Clarkson. But lets face it there is only one and only Queen of Pop that can really get our dancing feet moving.

  4. CELEBR8 says:

    I cannot wait to see this… the clip looked so amazing.’, ‘She worked hard to make sure it was perfect and from what I’ve seen, it can’t get any better. I can’t wait til her Album & Dvd drop so she can show these pop tarts how it’s really done.

  5. weebongo says:

    Now that was a real performance and one of the coolest songs from AL. M’s the best live. Her album is the most anticipated one coming out for the rest of the year. It could be bigger then the 15 million selling Music.

  6. EdwardAlex says:

    People like Divinah only have ignorant comments to make about Madonna or even about users (such as myself) on this forum. Not one ounce of posts she makes have any validity or credibility to them. This documentary was clearly not intended for people like Div… therefore why comment on it? As far as the album is concerned divinah can only come up with imaginary critics ready to trash it… whereas its one of the most highly anticipated albums of the fall and the year. Div you can just sit back and continue to make stupid comments because at the end of the day its no skin off my back or madonnas… she hasn’t been around for 20+ years for nothing.

  7. divinah says:

    So what?’, ‘Some “people” make a big fuzz about Madonna’s longevity in the biz. But there’s one Diva we know who’s been around for less than 20 years and yet have accomplished MORE than Madonna….like 16 #1’s. This one accomplished in 10 short years what Madonna has failed to accomplish in all her time.

  8. CELEBR8 says:

    With Sony, Motolla, & Payola your dreams can come true too.’, ‘And to have a voice like that & still need help with your material. scandalous! Sony artists are over certified anyway, no merit to this post.

    You know, COAD is the most highly anticipated album in mexico and top 5 all over da’, ‘world!

    and Brittney has done in 7 yrs what Mariah has failed to do in 15’, ‘Highest Debut for a female, first 4 albums went to #1 ect ect, and she’s not technically trained either. But Mariah has one thing the other Diva’s don’t…Getting dumped by your label and paying Radio to play your songs!

    Divinah, your working those 16 #1’s like an 18 hr bra with only 2 mins left

  9. estephania says:

    Ok kids, it is pretty clear that there is no age requirement to post ignorant opinions on this site. Thank you for proving that Div, you are truly a person of class, dignity and grace. Celebr8 and EdAlex, why are you arguing with children? Don’t you know that ignoring them is the best way to handle them? Otherwise you get that “I know you are, but what am I?” crap I am seeing here from a certain child. Just let the delusional ones be, they don’t know any better!

  10. divinah says:

    Madonna Fans’ Lynch Mob Mentality’, ‘Criticize Madonna. Enumerate her many flops and failures, and cornered Madonna fans will resort to cuss words, name calling and personal tirades. Tells you where these people come from. Anyhoo, karma struck when the people mob-lynched Madonna for “American Life” …and it will happen again once the already-doomed “Confessions on a Dancefloor” hit the streets. I myself wonder sometimes why people hate Madonna. Maybe because the world hates losers. Oh well.

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