Madonna Dresses Her Son In NY Yankees T-Shirt

As and Guy Ritchie’s divorce appears to be getting more and more bitter, Madonna appears to be kicking things up a notch by dressing their son Rocco in a New York Yankees t-shirt. “Rocco’s been a baseball fan for a while, but dressing him in a Yankees shirt at this time is a clear snub to Guy,” a source told The Sun about the obvious tie-in to Alex Rodriguez. “She wants to show him that Team Madonna can play tough.” Read more and check out Rocco in the outfit during a trip with his mother to a New York gym at

And Guy Ritchie Divorce Could Be Settled Quickly

October 20, 2008 – Sources tell Katie Nicholl of The Mail on Sunday that many parts of the settlement to end and Guy Ritchie’s 7 1/2 year marriage are already in place. “I think it’s very unlikely it’s going to be massively acrimonious,” Nicholl told ‘The Early Show’ co-host Maggie Rodriguez. “I mean – let’s get something straight. This is a divorce. There is a lot of unhappiness. There’s bitterness. I don’t think you can see this is going to be completely seamless, but there are three children are involved, and both parents love them equally. And I think, if they can push this through quickly, they will, and if they can push it through without too much acrimony, that would be the best for everyone involved. And that is what I’m hearing is going to be happening, and I think we will hear news of a settlement imminently.” Watch the segment, aired Monday (October 20), below the cut.

Madonna’s Firing A Warning Shot With Fiona Shackleton Hire

October 20, 2008 – ‘Showbiz Tonight’ host Brooke Anderson spoke to Jerry Penacoli of ‘Extra’ and Lizzie Goodman of Blender magazine about just how ugly the divorce will get between Madonna and Guy Richie. Asked about Madonna’s decision to hire Fiona Shackleton, who previously represented Paul McCartney during his divorce from Heather Mills, as her lawyer, Goodman said, “She’s firing a warning shot with that hire there. You know it’s – if she’s in London, I mean, this is a dangerous, dangerous place to get divorced. There traditionally are very lucrative settlements for the less-wealthy party. So she’s going to need a pit bull on her team.”

As for reports Guy isn’t a fan of Kabbalah and it played a major factor in the couple’s split, Penacoli said, “Well, I’ll tell you, it was quite a shock to be sitting there with Guy Ritchie. And of course, we’ve all seen the pictures over the years of Guy and Madonna visiting the Kabbalah centers around the world, in New York, in Los Angeles, in London and other places, going to Israel. And so to hear him say – wow, ‘This is something that I don’t subscribe to. This is something that I don’t even understand,’ was really quite a shock. And so, yes, I mean, word is, too, that Madonna wanted to use Kabbalah because they really wanted to try to make this marriage work. In the end, they were trying to use Kabbalah or she was, at least, trying to use her belief system to try to make the marriage more cohesive. And in the end, it might be exactly the thing that brought it down.” Video of the segment at has since been removed.

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